Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Wuthering Heights Challenge (A Grudge Served Cold)

How to Complete Wuthering Heights Challenge

To complete this challenge, you have to push 200 enemies off a ledge.

It doesn’t have to be in one run, you can do multiple runs. The progress stacks.

There are ledges all over the map and the enemies you pushed of a cliff stacks up each time you win, so this challenge does eventually get completed by itself or with minimal effort over several runs.

But if you wanna speed things up and complete it in one run, here’s how:

Step 1:

Get a 4 man team. Start a “Send in the next wave!” deed on recruit with the deed trick. Having a Handmaiden on the team makes pushing way easier.

Step 2:

Find a good ledging location. Here is the location I used:

Step 3:

Push the trash off the ledge until you see the “challenge completed” message in the chat.

Optional: If your teammates also need this challenge, take turns pushing skaven off the ledge until everybody gets it done.

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