Warlander – Warrior / Cleric Attacks and Combos

Understanding the game’s combat.


All credit goes to Tals !

First tip: Don’t mash attacks (left click repeatedly), when you attack, your character gets stuck in the animation of the attack, the third hit of the sword and hammer has a long animation, giving your opponent the opportunity to walk away and stagger you to death.

Second tip: Warrior and Cleric can combo their melee weapon with their shield (left and right click together), which on hit activates the critical strike “mini-game”.

Critical Strike

When you stagger the enemy with either a shield bash/kick or hit your opponent from behind, a heart symbol will show up on their body, if you aim and click on it you will do an attack that deals massive damage. (taken from the games loading screen tip)

The game gives you plenty of time to do it, and if there’s multiple enemies in front of you all of them will take bonus damage.

Critical strike is a very important tool for the cleric in cleric vs warrior, warrior has a lot of HP, damage, and he can stun you very easily, the cleric’s normal attacks are not as strong as the warrior’s but her kicks are fast and her critical strike hits twice.

another tip: Don’t hold sprint every time you attack, holding sprint will make your character do a lunge attack, that is good to catch opponents that are running from you or to finish them off, but if you do that to start fights that has a high chance to miss and make you vulnerable.

Combos and Moves

Warrior and cleric share the same combos, but they work a bit differently.

  • 3x left click:

it’s the same for both warrior and cleric, 2 hits and a big downward slash. I would avoid doing this. This is not really a “combo” since the last hit has a big enough gap for them to simply walk back, making it miss. If you manage to land it it staggers the enemy for a critical strike.

You could maybe use this on a downed or already staggered enemy, besides that I think its too risky.

  • 1x left click > left+right click:

Warrior: warrior does 1 sword slash and then jumps forward with an uppercut, if you do it too close to the enemy you might go behind him so be careful. It’s possible to whiff 1 hit and go straight into the uppercut to stagger the enemy.

Cleric: cleric hits her hammer once and then delivers a spinning hook kick, this move has short range but the kick comes out really fast and staggers. Probably the most effective combo Cleric has.

  • 2x left click > left+right click:

Warrior: warrior does the usual 2 hit sword slash and then spins with his shield hitting twice, you have to be close but the move comes out fast.

Cleric: cleric does her usual 2 hammer hit followed by an Axe kick (reminiscing of Street Fighter Chun Li’s “hazanshu”), the kick takes too long to come out so I would rather avoid doing it, it looks cool though.

  • Double right click parry ( exclusive to warrior).

Only warrior can parry attacks, if you double right click, warrior will put his shield up like he is guarding for a brief time (this move doesn’t have a unique animation…), if he gets hit while doing it he will counter-attack with a shield bash that has knockback.

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  1. finally someone else using the unique warrior shield bash combo 😀 it’s dope in-game leave some guys dazed and reporting me for cheating ^^

  2. holding block and parry makes the character hold the shield the same way (you can even do the parry and keep holding the shield, he will stay in the same position) if there’s a difference to the way he is leaning it is barely noticeable. There’s no way for the enemy to tell apart from a normal block and a parry.

    • If you spam the left click (like 10 clicks per second) while playing Warrior you can get a flurry attack instead of the usual finisher. You have to click FAST! And it doesn’t look like you can stall the combo. It appears to be on a dial-up system where you have to input it before it comes out. The flurry attack appears to true combo and in total does about ~2.5x base damage(0.75+0.75+~1.05). In comparison the standard third hit does ~2x damage. The downside is that it pushes the opponent away from you and does not net you a chance to crit. It may be situational in combat but for taking structures it is more efficient. I gleaned this information from Flurry Attack and from my personal tests albeit brief:

      I couldn’t be bothered to make an account but I am the one who started this thread

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