Warlord: Britannia – Tips and Tricks for New Players

Newbies Tips and Tricks

  1. Almost always you can choose maximum tax when capturing settlements. It is very rare the unrest causes issues. If unrest gets too high kill a gathering of nobles.
  2. Early game use silver to increase rank of soldiers, but not armour. Not having the cohort officer ranks full will throttle you from getting more troops. Often you have more gold than silver, so keep your silver for getting the ranks you need.
  3. Prioritise boots on the ground, so don’t promote a primus pilus, aquilifer, iconipher, etc until you have all cohorts filled. They cost a massive amount of silver that can be used buying officers to open the next century.
  4. When engaging the enemy prioritise your bow and javelins for armoured enemies. Shooting unarmoured enemies is a waste.
  5. I like to approach the settlement and then hold position and make them come to me. As they approach you, your men will throw their javelins getting you free kills. Ideally you want to stay in formation as often several legionaries can attack one enemy. If the enemy outnumbers you significantly you may want to have all men charge by pressing G. Experiment with this as legionaries are typically stronger than unarmoured enemies and when you charge them all in against large numbers of enemies they seem to die faster.
  6. Settlements don’t send all their troops at once. By holding formation outside you split the enemy into two groups making it easier to outnumber them. 50 Legionaries vs 25 enemies two times is far easier to win than 50 vs 50. This is called defeat in detail.
  7. Before attacking make sure no convoys are nearby or on the way. You do not want unexpected reinforcements, especially in your rear.
  8. Once you have a full legion break camp. After every battle you can simply place camp, disband legion, then relocate camp. This heals your men and restocks your own health and arrows/javelins.
  9. Be aggressive. Especially in the early game. Taking farms is easy and can be done solo. Their tax money on maximum tax will let you make officers which lets you get the next century.


  1. Thank you! This was very helpful, unknowingly I pressed G and sent my legionaries in too soon, too many times. The death was unprecedented! This guide should prove very helpful.

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