Sniper Elite 5 – Invasion Tips for Allied Snipers

Quick tips for allied snipers to deal with invading sniper jaegers.

How to Deal with Invading Sniper Jaegers


I find invasions pretty fun, it’s a real thrill to go up against a thinking opponent, however in particular I find being the Allied Sniper to be more of a thrill. Having to hunt down, and sometimes pick out the enemy sniper from the NPCs, then kill them before they find you while an army is at their disposal to be their eyes and ears.

Tip One – Focus Mode

L-ALT on the keyboard, unsure of what it is on the controller.

Focus mode will first and foremost, give you a direction indicator on your compass if a Jaeger has invaded. Flashing red it will give you a rough direction to focus your attention in. You can use that plus any other clues (or by seeing how the indicator moves as you move) to narrow down where the Jaeger is.

Once the Jaeger gets close, the indicator will surround your compass and flash.

Once close enough the Jaeger’s outline will be displayed in the same way NPCs will. Some Jaegers will try to mimic NPCs, check the outline of the weapon if you are unsure, NPCs rarely have funky, modified rifles. However being able to see their outline is an incredible advantage that the Jaeger does not have. You can use this to track their movements inside buildings or other tight quarters and ambush them as they round a corner. You can also use this to see them even if they are laying prone in grass.

Tip Two – Binocs First, Scope Second

I have had several kills as a Sniper Jaeger where the allied sniper was scouting for me or using his rifle carelessly and gave his location away with the scope glint. Much like the NPC snipers, your scope gives off this glint that is clearly visible to the Jaeger and will not only warn them you are aiming at them, it will give your position away. If you’re not about to end this startling revelation by shooting the Jaeger in the head, you’re in trouble.

So, when searching at longer ranges, use the binoculars, take care not to accidentally tag the Jaeger as it will warn them they have been tagged. Jaegers will rarely be so careless as to remain stationary if they get that notification. Once the Jaeger has been located, freely swap to your rifle and engage, unless they’re too far away to engage in this manner.

Some scopes specifically do not cause scope glint, as well I would assume that removing the scope entirely will also remove scope glint.

Tip Three – The Invasion Phone and the Camping Penalty

Invasion Phones – Do not, for the love of god, use one if you think the Jaeger is anywhere near you.

Several times I have ran up to the Allied Sniper and melee’d them as they were locked in the animation of using the phone because I could hear Karl asking about the Jaeger and realized immediately where the allied sniper is.

Secondly, the intel you get from phones is, while more exact than the indicator in focus mode, only going to be good for the thirty seconds it takes for the Jaeger to be somewhere else. Only use it if you’re certain the Jaeger is far away from you and you need to narrow down what general area they’ll be in.

Now, the Jaeger using the phone on you or getting the camping penalty, will give your rough position to the Jaeger. While this may seem like a bad thing it can also be a very good thing, if you relocate quickly and pay attention to the direction they’re in in focus mode, you can almost certainly ambush the Jaeger as they go to search where you were. I have taken out a couple of Jaegers just for them looking at where I was instead of where I am.

If you have gotten that camping penalty you -must- relocate, otherwise the next penalty will be that you’ve been tagged and it will be much harder to shake that.

Tip Four – Tall Grass and You

Crouching in tall grass is only good for the NPCs, a Jaeger and yourself will see enemies, including other players, crouched in the grass as clear as day.

However when prone you are nearly invisible, if you need to hide from NPCs and a Jaeger both, laying prone in grass and turning on focus mode to watch the enemies around you is the way to do it.

Focus Mode is also advantageous for being able to see Jaegers even when they are also prone in the grass, make use of this!

Tip Five – The NPCs

The Jaeger can tag NPCs and buff their awareness, when tagged (the buff tags them automatically) they will report all sightings of you to the Jaeger.

This can work for you and against you, Jaegers setting up their information network sometimes stand still in daft places, if they do and you see it then you should be able to kill them there and then.

In addition the location they get from the NPCs is the same as the red/yellow triangle displayed on your minimap. If you can break contact with the NPCs and get to a position overlooking that spot, you can ambush the Jaeger as they come to investigate.

Tip 6 – Laying an Ambush/Hiding

If a marker of any kind giving your position away has gone down or you have done anything to attract the Jaeger’s attention to a certain area, (Gunfire, objective completion, explosions), it is more than likely the Jaeger is on the way to try and turn you into sausage.

Ideally you will have moved away from where they are going but in a position to overlook it, what’s the ideal position?

Ideally it is somewhere that overlooks where the Jaeger’s attention will be, somewhere NPCs will not stumble upon you and ideally somewhere you are completely hidden. Weapon stocks can poke up above walls and as has been mentioned, you are not hidden if you are crouching in long grass.

Towers are to be avoided at all costs, the first place you look for a sniper is in a tower after all.

Somewhere dark is preferable as this will obscure you even further, a clump of bushes or a spot with vegetation/walls behind you is helpful as this stops you from being silhouetted by the horizon.

Most importantly when you are in your spot, do not get tunnel vision, regularly check focus mode and make sweeps with your binoculars for the Jaeger as they approach where you think they will be.

Keep in mind smart Jaegers will not run into the open and will likely pick a spot overlooking the point of interest as well.


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  1. The Bayonet Kill, kind’ve easy so my current thing is trying to blend in with the German Infantry. Right down to taking the scopes off of my guns.

  2. The sticky grenade isn’t too hard, just look for a Karl that’s not paying attention. (There are many.)

  3. Some people might say spending an hour clearing out every AI on a map, and then looting every body to get as man teller mines and TNT as possible to cover every door and ladder is “not in the spirit of Sniper Elite.” I say they aren’t fit to call themselves snipers.

  4. The bucket list at this point:
    Frontal melee takedown with a bayonet (I’ve gotten invaders/karls from behind)
    400m+ shot
    Grenade stick
    Dropping a statue/hanging object
    Collateral on coop partners (I’ve gotten a double hit but not a double kill)
    Flare gun
    Mounted MG

    Invader/Karl kills I’ve gotten so far:
    Testicle shot
    Stealth melee
    Pop-out-of-grass surprise
    Exploding vehicle
    Story objective destruction
    Rifle, pistol, SMG, MG

  5. Advice for the NPC section is that a jaeger that knows what he’s doing won’t rely on soldiers living long enough to sound an alarm or be alerted, once a jaeger tags them, we can see a fair distance away whether they are alive or not, and on the maps currently in game, they act as shockingly good “canaries in the coal mine” for figuring out what direction the target is going. I haven’t seen anyone using nonlethal bullets or melee as a jaeger yet to see if it still shows them as “dead”, but if at all possible, avoid killing NPCs as it takes only a few minutes for us to tag most if not all the major pathways and chokepoints that have nearby NPCs that allied snipers tend to kill on their way through.

  6. Most of my 108 kills so far have been against solo players, who often get slapped trying to Forest Gump across a field in broad sight. Once you know you are invaded, you gotta slow your roll because this goes from Sniper Elite to Tarkov levels of lethality if the jaeger has any braincells. Use silencers, or at least subsonic ammo if you have it or find it, I can track Karl across most maps if he gets in a gunfight with AI. Run in coop if you can, going from one bullet being game over for you to two doesn’t sound like much, but it makes my job as a jaeger much, much more difficult as it means any time I engage one of the allied snipers, I can be getting shot in return before I can rotate. Adding to this, leapfrog with your partner, one of you on overwatch (not scope in, use third person view and watch for my movement, changes in the NPC movements, or my scope/bino glint), the other bounding from cover to cover, until they can cover you while you move up.

  7. Also in regards to Tip Three: I never use the invasion phone to find the jaeger. I just use it to tell the jaeger where to look for me – which is either covered in mines, or somewhere I can overwatch from a safe location by the time the jaeger gets there to investigate. “Accidentally” giving away your location is the best way to get the jaeger into your cross hairs or traps.

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