Warm Snow – Guide to Some Basics (Easiest Class, Boss Insta Kill and Tip)

Basic Guide

Easiest Class

Sun piercer

This class is just the best, it has a very long range, can penetrate enemies (cant penetrate walls), and huge damage.

Combine with “Damnation” tome, you can easily kill enemies from long range, dont need to worry about hp or defense.

Boss Insta Kill

This game is unforgiving as there are some instant kill boss kill.

Here are some that I know of:

Chapter 1 Boss (Swine):

  • On his second phase (the giant one), he can grab you and eat you (insta kill).
  • Sometimes he can also vacuum using his mouth and insta kill you.

Additional info

From “The Demon King”:

  • “You can survive the swine king grab + eat if you have instant gourds and spam them while youre in his mouth.”

Chapter 5 boss (Dragon):

  • On his 25% HP he can use insta kill skill to behead you, you need to stay away from him when his hp reach 25%.


I dont know if this is intentional from the devs or exploit.

Use this method if you are frustrated.

Camp item re-roll

  • In camp you can pick 1 of three item from the bald guys or transform you sword with the white girl.
  • If you dont get what you want, you can simply quit the game and re-enter, the game wont be saved.

Retry the stage:

  • If you are killed in a stage, just simply ALT+F4 and you can retry the stage again.
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