Warm Snow – How to Unlock True Ending

This is step by step guide about how to get true ending in the Warm Snow game.

Guide to Unlock True Ending


  • You need to complete most of the relevant lore item, there are 35 lore item (dont forget to click unlock), but you dont need all them to access the true ending, I am not sure which one, but try to complete them all especially regarding the true status of our Main Characters.
  • Always destroyed any debris or destructible that you can find, especially in mini-boss area, for example destroying destructible in Jade Concubine area (Chapter 4) will drop lore item.
  • If you already have all the required lore item, you will see that there is a new option when you defeated Tiger Captain (Chapter 4 boss, the one who can use lightning), to get the true ending, you should pick “Leave” or dont kill him.
  • After you defeated the last boss (chapter 5, dragon emperor), you should be able to pick another option “The Blood”.
  • And that is the true ending.

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