Warriors of the Nile 2 – Legendary Weapon List

This is list of legendary weapon which you can buy from highest level of Artisan.

List of Legendary Weapons

How and Why

You can buy Legendary weapon at Artisan building at high price, around 300-400 Silver and 4-5 Pharaoh Coin.

You need to open highest level of this building first,

Because of high cost, you need planning which weapon you want to get, because not all Tablet bonus is compatible or have sinergy with this legendary weapon.

Infantry Weapon

This is Weapon of Scythe Wielder, Jackal Warrior, and Lion Brawler.

Rogue Weapon

This is Weapon of Halo Hunter, Eagle Handler, Dune Assasin, Dune Hunter.

Mage Weapon

This is Weapon of Celestial Cleric, Scorpid Priestess, Saint of Dawn, Light Mage.

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