Watcher of Realms – Gear Raid 1 Guide

Basic Guide to Gear Raid 1

  • Raiden (L), Khamet, Elowyn, Laurel, Dolores
  • Vierna, Laseer, Hollow, Volka, (Marri)

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If your Hollow has no issues keeping everyone alive, this is a nice layout. Laurel goes in the open spot next to Dolores. If Dolores dies a lot, you can swap her to Laurel’s spot.

There’s 2 ways to use Laurel. You can rotate her on and off as she’s available to cycle your ults more often. The other way is to leave her on field and use her ultimate. If you leave her on field, you don’t need to bring Volka, and can instead bring a defender. This can be useful if you can manage to kill all the mobs besides the boss, and you need to block the boss after it breaks the wall.

Laseer can be built as a support in this layout. He will only need enough HP to survive, high attack speed and rage regen is preferred. Give him a rage regen legendary artifact such as Nightmare Samsara or Spellcaster’s Echo. The goal is for him to be able to use his ult to apply heal block when you need it. If it’s not ready often enough, you may need more skill ups in his ultimate.

  • Use Khamet’s and Dolores’ ults together.
  • Use Laseer right before the boss’ heal ability.

You can use Vierna’s ult before the boss’ heal goes down or when there are a lot of mobs around the 35% HP threshold to execute them.

Put your best DPS gear on Khamet. Tear of Twilight is preferred or any ATK% artifact. (Soulbound Arcana preferred first, then other DPS sets). Prioritize ATK% mains for Khamet and Vierna. 3x ATK% if possible, or 2x ATK% 1X CDMG if it results in better total stats.

If you have Tumultuous Horn on Laya, you can take her as well and rotate Laya and Laurel. If Laya is brought, probably drop Volka.

That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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