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Guide to Buy Battle Cards

To buy the battle cards you go up towards the shrine and just before the actual steps to the big tree turn left and go to the tables near the buildings. You buy them there. There is a quest you will do that will show you this.

The battle cards are on the far right, the one she circled is where you get the earth 1 for the battle skill tree.


The left counter is for Omamori, these are equippable in the battle planner (2 for you, 2 for sparky), and as stated are also used as offerings for the Battle skill tree. You can only get one per day, but each type has a distinct pattern you can learn to identify and you can visibly see one, two, or three stars on each of them corresponding to being I, II, or III of that type.

The middle counter is for Omikuji. These are equipped to the left of your deck in the battle planner and determine your elemental affinities. You can only get one per day and it is random what result you get.

The right counter is for Ofuda, the battle cards you use in combat. There are packs of 5, 7, and 9, all requiring the same amount of money and with no limit on how many you can get per day. Allegedly the smaller packs have better odds of stronger cards.

There’s also equipment slots for Dorei, in one of Kaida’s dialogues she mentions them being rare but useful, I have yet to find a single one.

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