WILD HEARTS – How to Increase Normal and Rare Rewards

Some tips to increase the rates from getting rewards on Wild Hearts and make the RNG less tedious.

Tips and Tricks

You can use two skills; Acquisition Art and Connoisseur

  • Acquisition Art: increases the amount of materials gained from a quest.
  • Connoisseur: increases the chance of finding rare materials from a quest.

With the following bonus the final % resultis will be:

  • 21% from Acquisition Art and 20% Connoisseur with 5% Axial Foil
  • 31% Acquisition Art and 10% Connoisseur with 5% Axial Foil

Here’s a list of some items in game that grants some %:

  • Frozen Fort Gauntlets and Frozen Fort Hakama both increase your Acquisition Art by 5% each.
  • Harvest Canyon Gauntlets and Harvest Canyon Hakama increase your Connoisseur by 5% each.
  • Every weapon class has a X of Nature’s Splendor on the bottom left of the tree one branch away from its final boss counterpart, consisting of both 10% Acquisition Art and 10% Connoisseur.

Foods to improve Acquisition Art:

  • Spiral Fern: 3% Acquisition Art 5% Axial Foil (Increases stamina loss) , Food cost: 35
  • Dried Spiral Fern: 6% Acquisition Art, Food cost: 55
  • Smoked Dried Spiral Fern: 8% Acquisition Art, Food cost: 55

Some Talismans give bonus too that myself didn’t get yet but i think it’s possible.

I found this usefull info somewhere in the web and i hope it help you too.

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