Windjammers 2 – An Actual How to Play and Button Guide

The devs have already commented that they would like to improve the “How To Play” section, but until then here are the buttons as they are currently.

Guide for How to Play and Button

  • The A Button – Is both the Dash and the Throw Disk button.
  • The B Button – Can be used to “Lob” and “Bunt” the disk.
  • The X Button – Can be used to “Quick throw” the disk as a parry.
  • The Y Button – Jumps.

To Activate Special Attack

When the meter is full and your character is powered up visually, while holding the disk, press both the A Button and the B Button.

  • To Launch the disk: As the player is holding it, which you do by running into the disk or simply staying put as it flies towards you, press the A Button + Direction.
  • To Lob the disk: Same as above, while holding it, press the B Button + Direction.
  • To “Quick Throw” the disk: As the disk is about to contact the player, parry it by hitting the X Button, or X+Direction.
  • To “Launch” the disk up into the air to set up for a charged up move: Same as above, parry it but by hitting the A Button (Without a directional input).
  • After the “Launch”: Hit the A Button as the disk falls to throw it, or the B Button to Lob it.
  • To Curve the Disk: Twist the stick as you throw it.

To “Special”:

When the meter is full and your character is powered up visually, while holding the disk, press both the A Button and the B Button.

The Jump Button: Can be used to jump up in the air when the disk is falling, such as after a “Launch” to “Spike” The disk downwards with the A or B button I believe.

There are perhaps other moves as well, such as using a Special Attack (A+B) as the disk is falling from the “launch set up” thing, I haven’t tried yet just wanted to get the basic layout out for people.

You can also press (X) to “jab” the disc when it’s in the air (instead of doing a special or throw)—this caught me off-guard today. The mechanical depth this game adds upon its predecessor feels just right… not too much such that it’s overwhelming, but just enough to keep surprising me as I play around with it.

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  1. You can catch a lob or a toss in the air, which allows you to either slam it down to the ground or to do whatever you want when you land. It basically creates more opportunities to mix up your opponent.

  2. I would still like a practice mode. I was surprised that it wasn’t in there at launch. I want to practice the jumping maneuvers outside of a match or arcade.

    • You can do that in 2 ways, sometimes if you dash into it the disk hasn’t fully gone ground yet so you can grab it, or using your special. So if you have full meter, A+B.

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