Winter Memories – Ultimate Guide to Night Assault

Night Assault Guide

After buying the Skill, you’ll have the ability to go about in the night, attacking any girl in the night (Ichinose).

Everyone will be asleep, you can choose the girl you want to attack, once chosen a mini-game is launched.


  • (1) + (4) – This bar needs to be 100% full to obtain a special EV on awakening. the EV will be calculated on the highest Gauge as well as the filled Traits (The three small Traits).
  • (2) + (3) – It all depends on which part of the body you are dealing with, Miyuki will not increase the gauges in the same way: Miyuki’s Mouth will increase “Service” / Miyuki’s Breasts will increase “Lewdness” and Miyuki’s Pussy will increase “Perversion”, If we recap, Miyuki increases the small bars (Which are the states that will change the morning’s behavior, while Boku’s actions (Mouth/Hands/Penis) will increase the global states.
  • (5) – Sake: It helps to make the sleep heavier, if a girl is going to wake up you can use this to put her back to sleep (to buy).
  • (6) – The % of awakening: If it reaches 100% the main character is awakened and this ends the mini-game.
  • (7) – The Hand (Lewdness): Increases Lewdness gauge when used (impacts morning EV).
  • (8) – The Mouth (Service): Increases Service gauge when used (impacts morning EV).
  • (9) – D*ck! (Perversion): Increases Service gauge when used (impacts morning EV).


“Lewdness” – Depending on which states you wake up your family on, you’ll get a different EV for Service, Perversion and Lewdness.

Sleeping with “Service” Stats Op

You need, First of all, to get caught in the middle of the night, Then turn up the Service all the way (with the three little Bars) to get the EV of pussy licking.

You have to go to bed with the character who has the Service Up Stats, and a little scene will start. (Also the next day).

I hope this was helpful to you!

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