Winter Memories – How to Level Up

How to Raise Level Up of Boku

Pop-Up Level Up


Left click when you reach 100/100 to Level up!

This is Boku level up gauge:

  • I have currently 84/100 exp
  • Boku is currently level 9

When you level up, you will have access to four choices, these choices are described in the menu when you hover your cursor over Boku’s portrait.

It is important to adapt your strategy to each level, This is what will allow you to increase your statistics as well as that of the Mentai.

  • (Top Left) Increases your maximum stamina by 20, fully restores your stamina.
  • (Bottom Left) Earn 50P memory.
  • (Top Right) Maximum libido increase (20p).
  • (Bottom Right) Earn 2000 yens.

How to Level Up

  • DOT Sex.
  • EV.
  • Discussion.
  • Begging (From heroine).
  • Offering Box.
  • Blessed (Lessed (Offering Box = 1000 Yen)).
  • Dwitter (The best Option).
  • Kagami Training.
  • Mentai.
  • Bathing.


  • (Top Left) If you consume -50 Libido with sexual DOT, the condition is complete! (+50 exp)
  • (Center left) Clean 5 times the sperm. Only in Ichinose house (+30 exp)
  • (Bottom Left)If you catch 5 fish, the condition is complete! (+30 exp)
  • Discovered after Akari EV – (Top Right) If you win 5 times at the Mentai, the condition is complete! (+30 exp)
  • (Center Right) If you get a perfect score on “math exercises”, the condition is complete! (+70 exp)
  • (Bottom Right) If you get a perfect score “Wash the dishes”, the condition is complete! (+70 exp)

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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