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For all who are looking for Controller settings (XBOX One, should also work with the 360 alike) should have a look at this.

Settings to Xbox Controller

Was kind of a game changing moment for me and eliminates lots of the floaty feeling on every ground.

You can leave Acceleration and Brake on what it is.

  • Sensitivity “0.0”
  • Deadzone “0”
  • Saturation “100”

Now go to Steer left and Steer right.

  • Sensitivity “-9”
  • Deadzone “5”
  • Saturation “100”

The Sensitivity of “-9” changed the behaviour of the car a lot. It is more controlable and even more expectable like the stock settings.

You might just play around a bit with the deadzones. Some might like it on “15” or “10”. Try it out what you prefer and it depends on how much “worn” your controller already is.

I hope this helps you a bit to eliminate that floating like physics from the game.

Egor Opleuha
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  1. Die Einstellungen habe ich übernommen , die Totzone auf 10 ( das werde ich weiter bis 15 probieren ) , Empfindlichkeit – 9 und Sättigung 100 . Es fährt sich komplett anders . Richtig top . Danke

  2. In previous games i used steering sensitivity at “-10”. Right now I’m using almost default settings. But for throttle and brake I use scale at “on” and “-5” – it’s better for controlling a grip IMO but I need to test these settings more

  3. buddy, what about the operation of the “impulse triggers” of the xbox gamepad? How to get them to work? And do they work at all?

    • You mean LT and RT? I think they are not supposed to work in this game. Pretty dumb that they only work in Forza games. I don’t know other games…

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