Drug Dealer Simulator – How to Manage Save Games

This guide will be about how to manage, backup, share or install savegames!

Guide to Manage Saves

All credit goes to v7!

How to Create a Backup of Your Savegames

  • DDS stores all your settings and savegames in this location:
    • C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\DrugDealerSimulator

You can access it by typing %localappdata% in your explorer search window (or after pressing windows key + R).

Navigate to the Saved folder, then make a copy of it somewhere else.

I recommend putting it in a winrar (or zip) file in case you want to share it later.

Uploading your files to the cloud (google, mediafire, mega…) is recommended to avoid losing it due to drive corruptions or loss.

How to Share Your Save Games

If you are the Sender of the files, all you need to do is make a backup of your savegames and send it to the recepient.

To do this, follow the first section of this guide:

  • Go to (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\DrugDealerSimulator), create a winrar (or zip) file of the Saved folder, then send it however you like (discord upload, google/mediafire/mega, physical usb drive, etc).

How to Install Save Games

Installing a received/downloaded or a backup savegame can be difficult, confusing or time consuming.

Note: Make sure to Backup your own save files before replacing them as you may lose them permanently! Also keep in mind that if you want to keep your settings (graphics, controls, etc) then do not replace the folder Saved – Config as that contains all your in-game settings.

If you are the receiver of the savegames (or reinstalling a backup) you will need to follow a few steps:

  • Open your savegame folder (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\DrugDealerSimulator)
  • Open your downloads folder (Save games you want to install) extract it if needed
  • Drag & Drop the Saved folder & replace the one in your savegame location (if you want to keep your settings, delete the Config folder in the downloaded files)
  • Open DDS and start a new game in the Easiest difficulty setting (Help me mommy)
    • Play the game past the tutorial section (until you can save the game)
    • Save the game on all slots (if the files you downloaded have 5 slots used, then you need to save on all the 5 slots) once you finished saving the game five times, close it.
  • Drag & Drop the Serialized folder (found inside the main Saved folder)
  • The Serialized folder contains the actual save slots individually, you’re just replacing the saves you just made by creating the new game and overwriting them (explained why later)
  • Once you’re done, Open DDS and load the savegames.
  • You may or may not see the original savegame names (explained why later aswell) and may see the names you gave them earlier. However, the saves should be properly installed.

How This Works

DDS’s save system behaves weirdly at times, and swapping savegames may not work all the time.

The individual saveslots are stored in the Serialized folder, but the list of the saves and their names & other informations are stored in a different file which is saveSlotsFull in the SaveGames folder.

By creating a new game and saving over everything, then replacing them a moment later a second time updates the saveSlotsFull file, which somehow fixes the savegames you’ll be installing, atleast that is how I came to understand it.

You migth notice the saveslots aren’t named like the original ones and that is because we already updated the file saveSlotsFull which keeps track of this informations, which means it’ll show info about the saves you made in the new game instead of the original save slots. If you replaced this file and did not update it; you should see the original names/dates of the files but may not be able to load them due to incompatibility issues.

The reason you make a new game in the easiest difficulty is to just lower the saving cooldown time from 5 minutes (plata o plomo) to less than 15 seconds (normal & easy).

Note About Old Save Games

Save games created in old versions of DDS may not work in newer patches due to incompatibility, and vice versa.

Not all old files don’t work, but the ones that do may have bugs (such as not being able to harvest weed plants – fixed by starting a new game, saving on an empty slot, then reloading the bugged save)

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