Xenonauts 2 – Soldiers Guide

Comprehensive Guide to Soldiers


Each soldier has 6 stats. Hovering over a stat number will display the base value and all bonuses and penalties currently applied.

Time Units

  • Effects: Determines combat Time Units (TU)
  • Progress Points: +10 per TU spent on movement


  • Effects: Determines maximum Hit Points (HP)
  • Progress Points: +1 per increase in other attributes


  • Effects: Determines weapon Accuracy
  • Progress Points: +20 per TU spent on firing weapons


  • Effects: Determines Carrying Weight, grenade throw range and resistance to Recoil
  • Progress Points: +10 per TU spent on movement when using at least 80% Carry Weight


  • Effects: Determines the frequency of Reaction Fire
  • Progress Points: +20 per TU unused at the end of the turn


  • Effects: Determines Morale effects and resistance to psionic attacks
  • Progress Points: +50 per point of Suppression received

Each soldier also has a Carry Weight determined by its Strength. Exceeding Carry Weight will decrease Time Units by 1 for each point exceeded.


Each soldier will have a Rank, determined by the amount of Experience they have. The highest-ranked soldier in combat is designated Commander and provides all other soldiers with a Bravery bonus or penalty.


Medals are automatically given to soldiers who distinguish themselves over their career. Each medal will increase all soldier attributes by 1. There are 9 medals available for each soldier:

MARS Combat Platforms

MARS Combat Platforms can be constructed in Engineering once the required research project has been completed. They cost $250000 to produce and have an upkeep cost of $5000. Once constructed they can be used in place of regular soldiers. MARS Combat Platforms use their own loadout separate from human soldiers. Their armor is upgraded automatically. MARS Combat Platforms have the following stats:

  • 80 Health
  • 80 Time Units
  • 45 Accuracy
  • 60 Strength
  • 50 Reflexes
  • 50 Bravery

Robotic unit – are immune to stun damage, gas damage and morale effects but vulnerable to EMP damage

MARS Combat Platforms can be outfitted with heavy plating, increasing their Armor HP by 15 at the cost of 12 Time Units.

Sentry Guns

Sentry Guns can be constructed in Engineering once the Combat Vehicles research project has been completed and can only be used during base defense. Each one costs $40000 and has an upkeep cost of $2000. If a sentry gun is destroyed it can be rebuilt at half of the cost. Sentry guns have the following stats:

  • 80 Health
  • 40 Time Units
  • 50 Accuracy
  • 100 Strength
  • 75 Reflexes
  • 100 Bravery

Automatically equipped with the latest machinegun weapon


  1. I saw that the game has an option to add custom soldiers (it is used for the kickstarter backers) and i was wondering, is it possibble to manually create soldiers, who i can add to my campaign?

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