Your Only Move Is Hustle – How to Start More Combos Using Ninja

How to start more combos using ninja (works 99.99% of the time!).

Guide to Start More Combos Using Ninja

Use Your Abilities

I can’t stress this enough, use your projectiles and summons to put the enemy in tough situations. Beginning players in Y.O.M.I Hustle never seem to do this, but it is incredibly important that you narrow the opponents options down as much as possible.

Ever play against a wizard and feel like you cant do anything other then run away because there are thousands of darts chasing you down like you just said something controversial on twitter? That wizard is doing the smart thing and narrowing your options so he can get close and personal to start a long combo that will probably kill you. Every character can do this, but in my opinion, ninja is the 2nd best at it (its obvious wizard is the best).

You have 4 main moves you can take advantage of to scare your opponent. The following are:

  • Shurikens: These projectiles are the most essential part of your kit. If you don’t use shurikens, you’re going to lose against any good player. Shurikens can save your life multiple times per game if you use them correctly. For example, did you know that you can use your shuriken as a shield against a cowboy’s revolver shots to get close and personal? Shurikens cause Cowboy’s bullets to bounce off, making him either put his revolver away, or using a temporal round, which doesnt hurt you until later. Or, you can use shurikens to narrow down the pathways a opponent can take. For example, if somebody is the air, you can throw 2-3 shurikens to make it harder for somebody to come back down safely. This works best when they run out of air options.
  • Summons: Just like Shurikens, the summoning ability is one of the most essential parts of you kit. You can cover a TON of ground with just one summon. Don’t expect to hurt anybody with any projectiles coming from summons, but you can use them to force your opponent into a lose/lose situation.
  • Caltrops: Caltrops can be a pain in the ass for a opponent. Think of robots flamethrower but if it stunned you if you landed in it. These aren’t used as often as they should be, because people usually prefer to save their super for quick slashes. but I promise you that caltrops are worth placing if you can do it safely (You need to make sure that you can play around the caltrops, don’t place them then run away and make them useless).
  • Grappling Hook: This is a more aggressive way to limit options, but its still effective if used with other abilities. Grappling hooks should NOT be thrown onto opponents, they will just move out of its range. INSTEAD, throw the grappling hook as far as you can behind the opponent, and use it to fly towards the opponent to hit them. This works really well if combined with projectiles so the opponent has less options to counter you.

Learn How Other Characters Play

How are you supposed to counter characters that you don’t know anything about? I’m not saying you have to spend 10 hours learning every in and out of each character (That would help you immensely but you don’t have to do this). Simply load up single player and mess around with each character, learn all their options, abilities, and different ways they can mess you up in battle. To save you some time, some things to watch out for against some characters are:

  • Wizard: Letting him get away from you. If a wizard can get far away from you, its going to take a long fight of blocking and dodging to get back to them. And due to you probably getting mad over having to chase down this 200lb man in a cloak, you’re probably gonna get caught doing something stupid and get combo’ed, then the cycle repeats. Sometimes this will be unavoidable, just make sure you think of a unpredictable way you can get back to them (a good way to do this is to throw a shuriken near the start of the round you can substitute with to get farther to the right. This usually doesn’t work but if it does, it can save you a lot of dmg and time).
  • Cowboy: Honestly, I don’t know anything incredibly dangerous cowboy’s do that is completely unpredictable. Main things to watch out for would be remembering the range on this lightning slash, and make sure you have a shuriken in front of you in case he starts shooting at you.
  • Robot: Robot is incredibly hard to play against, especially if they are good. Their unique ability to fly (basically a better wizard hover) can open up a ton of ways for them to punish you. I recommend filling the air with projectiles such as slow shurikens, this way its harder for him to fly around and cause issues. (Another quick tip is to spawn a summon when robot uses his gravity field, this can make it harder for robots to combo off of anything they may hit in their field.
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