Your Only Move Is Hustle – Starters Guide

A guide on how to play the game.

How to Start

All credit goes to Solaki!

Which Character?

There are 4 main characters in “Yomi Hustle” the one you are going to play is wizard!

How to Play Your Selected Character

So we selected wizard as our character, now what we need to do is enter a singleplayer match and get versed in the wizard’s skilled moveset.

So first move you want to familiarize yourself with is liftoff (missile form) if you toggle fastfall and point yourself upwards at an angle you bunnyhop and do funny wizard things.

The other basic moves are also pretty important to learn so learn those too.

Now you must learn the art of the orb

Ponder the orb for at least 5 minutes while in your singleplayer game, if it does not reveal its secrets then you are not yet ready. However I’m just gonna reveal the secrets here:

  • When you have your orb out you should be constantly moving it to your advantage, this is a skill learned with playtime.
  • The move “conjure weapon” interacts with orb. When you cast conjure weapon 4 swords spin in a circle around your orb and they mutilate people with ease.
  • If your opponent is scared of you and runs away you can orb tether and then toggle hover and when you move your orb in this state you move with your orb. This allows you to hurl yourself at your enemy with the force of a hypersonic missile.

The orb shoots projectiles, these are useful.

Ok now after we finished pondering the orb we need to get some bad habits out of the way.

The wizards projectile moves are pretty good but they are only good if you use them effectively. If you spam them then they are going to do nothing but annoy your opponent and give you depression. However a well timed magic missile or spark bomb is devastating to your enemy, and is useful when prolonging combos.

It’s a bad idea to only use one of the abilites in the wizard’s toolset, you want to use them all in tandem with each other to deal maximum damage to your opponent, mentally and physically.

The wizard’s geyser move is very powerful when used correctly, so use it correctly and you will be fine.

Combo tips and tricks

If your opponent is not using their DI wheel then you can easily get them into an infinite combo with just two of the wizard’s abilities: tome slap and mana strike.

  • Step one: tome slap your opponent.
  • Step two: cast mana strike where your opponent will land in such a way that they will fly back to you.

You have now achieved an infinite combo.

Avoid using geyser in combos because it usually just lets the enemy get out of your combo.

Tome slap and lava strike are the wizard’s fastest moves, lava strike does more damage I think and if you can use it over tome slap then you probably should.

Now what?

Now you kill every hustler you meet with your newfound wizard skills that definitely took a long time to learn.

Go out and ponder your orb.

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