Your Turn to Die: Death Game by Majority – Negotiations Guide (Chapter Two: Part One)

The negotiations and their exchange prizes for chapter two, part one.

Guide to Negotiations

Day 1, Morning

  • Keiji: +20 Keiji tokens, -20 Sara tokens
  • Gin: +10 Gin tokens
  • Alice: A conversation that can start a potential sidequest in exchange for 20 Reko tokens

Day 1, Noon

  • Kanna: A conversation
  • Nao and Reko: Either +20 Reko tokens or +20 Nao tokens, -20 Sara tokens

Day 1, Night

  • Q-taro: +20 Q-taro tokens, -20 Sara tokens
  • Reko: A conversation
  • Gin: +30 Gin tokens or +0 Gin tokens

Day 2, Morning

  • Sou and Kanna: A conversation
  • Nao: A conversation
  • Alice: If you negotiated with Alice on Day 1, Morning and received Reko tokens, -20 Reko tokens

Day 2, Noon

  • Q-taro: A conversation
  • Nao: +30 Nao tokens, -30 Sara tokens
  • Reko: Didn’t do the Stay on Target attraction with her and you get +30 Reko tokens, -30 Sara tokens. If you did the attraction, you can’t negotiate with her.

Day 2, Night

  • Keiji: A conversation
  • Gin: +20 Gin tokens

Day 3, Morning

  • Q-taro: Leads to a game over, +40 Q-taro tokens, -20 Sara tokens

Day 3, Noon

  • Kai: +20 Hallucination
  • Joe: +20 Hallucination
  • Mishima: +20 Hallucination

Day 3, Night

  • Rio Ranger: If you aren’t able to collect 10 clear chips, you get an extra scene
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