Youtubers Life 2 – The Best Trending City Events For Youtubers!


Check out the video guide and read on to know what exclusive trends you can catch out there!

Before starting your day: check out what’s trendy for your channel!

First of all, catch up on the trends of the day. If there’s any relevant event happening in the city, your drone could warn you, a new special trend could appear on your mobile app, or a relevant post will show you relevant information on your InstaLife’s feed. If you notice any of that, it’s time to dive into the city to create your special content for your channel, thus gaining new subscribers and reaching the top of the ranking!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day on Spring 14: Get the #Valentine’sDay trend!

Celebrate the day of love with romantic content for your channel and get the exclusive Valentine’s Day chocolate for your beloved partner! To get this rare trend, you will need to visit a themed booth at any of these three locations:

  • Center: close to the Big Arc near the Subway
  • Port: Seaside Venue
  • City Hall: City Hall Plaza

Developer Day

Developer Day from Spring 15 onwards: Get the #DeveloperDay trend!

Starting Spring 15 and progressively on random days after that, you may find a particular developer at Player One, who’s presenting a new video game before its official launch, giving you the opportunity to try it out and stream it live for your fans! Don’t lose the chance to take the collaboration and get this special trend to boost your channel.


Easter on Spring 21: Get the #Easter trend!

Easter is one of the Mayoress’ favorite celebrations of the year, and so she organizes a game where you will need to find three Easter Eggs dispersed throughout the city to claim the exclusive Easter Day prize. If you find them all and tell the Mayoress, you will earn the large egg basket that you can use to decor your place or capture the themed trend to boost your next video. The places where you can find each Easter egg are random, but there will be at least one in each neighborhood, so keep an eye on each corner to pick them up.


PlayCon from 22 to 26 Spring: Get various #PlayCon trends!

The biggest gaming event of the year takes place from 22 to 26 Spring, and various activities are going on around it, just like the console conference #MantendoConference, or the special Mayamoto’s quest to get the rare #PiranhaPlant, or the inauguration event with the #StartThePlayCon trend. Choose your preferred one (or catch’em all) and keep growing your channel!

Famous Youtubers

Famous Youtubers on Random days: Get the #FamousYoutuber trend!

Besides the list of the top trends from your mobile, you will notice some important news on your InstaLife’s feed as well, announcing trending events and other interesting stories. On random days, you will see that a famous youtuber has appeared in the city, so don’t lose your chance to find them and record an exclusive video for your channel! You will obtain a premium trend that will boost your content once you publish it to your channel.

Here are some localizations where you can spot this event:

  • Center: close to the Fountain, close to Spicy Ren, or near the Big Arc next to the Subway
  • Port: Beach, seaside venue, or close to the Yacht
  • City Hall: City Hall Plaza, Train Station, or near the Theater

Dancing Challenge

Dancing Challenge on Random days: Get the #DancingChallenge trend!

Once every two weeks on random days, you can join the Dancing Challenge at the beach, close to the Calypso Bar in the Port, to have a lot of fun with other citizens and have the chance to capture this special trend with your Drone. Take photos and record videos to publish one of the most energetic content! So, what do you say, wanna dance?


Halloween on Autumn 1: Get the #Halloween trend!

There’s also a special day in the city dedicated to the scariest season of the year. Find themed decorations, and disguised citizens all around the place to get the unique trend of this day. You can also buy the pumpkin in the exclusive booth at three different locations:

  • Center: close to the big Arc near the Subway
  • Port: Seaside Venue
  • City Hall: City Hall Plaza

AFK Tournaments

AFK Tournaments every Sunday: Get the #AFKTournaments trend!

There are gaming tournaments every Sunday at the AFK Bar in the Center, and sometimes even famous youtubers play at it. Here you can also participate and play in the competition, stream live to win one of the top trends of the day, or eat to refill some energy. Suzy, the Queen of the Tournament, has beaten the best gamers in the city so, if you unlock her heart quest, you may challenge her to become the new master of the event, or you can just record the match to get the trend and engage your followers with fresh content.


Christmas Holidays from 24 to 28 Winter: Get #Christmas trends!

Enjoy the jolliest season of the year and get new special trends by streaming close to the big Christmas Tree of the embellished City Hall Plaza: #ChristmasTree and #Christmas, both with a high rarity that will boost your upcoming content. You will also get a cute Christmas Tree to decor your home and have access to the trend at any time.

NewTube Awards

NewTube awards every 28 of each season: Get the #NewTubeCeremony trend and become the best!

The greatest event of all NewTube City to decide the best youtuber happens every 28 of each season, allowing you to finally prove your fantastic talent to the world and be rewarded for it! If you start this day as the #1 youtuber in the NewTube ranking, you can even join the ceremony and win the ultimate award. Otherwise, you can keep enjoying your way as an emerging youtuber, capture the #NewTubeCeremony trend, and keep growing your channel for the next season.

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