Against the Storm – Reputation Points Guide

Explanatory Guide to Reputation Points

Winning and Losing

  • A run is won when the entire Reputation Bar is filled.
  • A run is lost when the entire Queen’s Impatience Bar is filled or when all villagers leave or die.

Reputation Points

You can gain Reputation Points in three different ways:

  • Completing Orders: Each completed order grants 1 Reputation.
  • Perks and Goods: Some Traders can offer Perks or Goods that increase Reputation.
  • Villagers Resolve: Once a villager’s Resolve reaches a certain threshold (indicated by a blue line on the Resolve Bar) they will start to generate Reputation passively. With time, the villagers will become accustomed to their living conditions, raising the threshold and requiring more complex needs to be satisfied.
  • Glade Events: Give various amounts of Reputation, with Dangerous Glades and Forbidden Glades giving more.

Gaining a Reputation Point lowers the Queen’s Impatience bar.

The Reputations and Queen’s Impatience bars


Every 12 minutes (outside the tutorial) the Citadel will assign 3 new Orders, accessible from the envelope icon on the top-right. Orders will grant 1 Reputation as well as additional rewards. Each pair of orders is more difficult than the previous one.


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