Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch – Main Quests Guide (Requirements and Unlocks)

Here you can find useful info about main quests in the Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch game.

List of All Main Quests

New Beginnings


  • Tent, Linseed Field, & Azalea Bush

Call your aunt


  • Wooden Bridge & Flower pot Wildflowers

The Mastercrafter


  • Side Quest: Meal time
  • Stone Stairs, Flower pot poppies, Carrot Farm, Small Stable, & Pasture.

Who is Lilli?

  • Requirements: 5,000 Fame


  • Area: Sneaky Ways
  • Side Quest: The Great Estate
  • Bridle & Wild Horseradish Bush

Lost in Sight


  • Shows you the way to the lake house
  • Side Quest: Wild Horses
  • Diving Goggles, Fortified Sand Castle, & Flower Pot Sorrel

Lilli’s Low Point


  • Side Quest: The Makeover
  • Cherry tree & Flower pot Marigolds



  • Area: Felix Estate & Way to Saint-Elige Village
  • Sporty Horse Outfit, Hunter Braided mane & Hunter Braided tail
  • Side Quest: A Lesson In Style
  • Lavender Bush & Royal Riding Helmet

Party Time

  • Requirements: 12,000 Fame


  • Carrot Juice Tack Set & Ninja Clan Saddle
  • Skater helmet & Flower Pot Hyacinths

The Emerald Valley Devil


  • Area: Mushroom Cave
  • Rest of the Ninja Clan Tack Set
  • Tame Legendary Horse
  • Cypress tree & Flower pot Pansies

An Unusual Visit

  • Requirements: 18,000 Fame


  • Pascal gives you Diamond Braid Mane & Tail
  • Rodrigo gives you Flower Bed (Bushes)
  • Gabriel gives you Gazebo (Dread)
  • Matteo gives you Fountain (Fish)
  • Lilli gives you Jumper braid mane & Jumper tail
  • Noella gives you Family House (Classic)
  • Bellamy gives you Pond (Wild)
  • Esmee gives you Sand Castle (Citadel)
  • Large Stable Classic & Zen Garden (Ancient)

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