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Dying Light - All Quarantine Zone Locations

Jan 6, 2016     Guides

The total number of Quarantine Zones in Dying Light nowadays is 8. 3 of them are situated in the Old Town and 5 ones are located in the Slums. You can receive the trophy "Trespassing" (Achievement) when you finish them all. You will not find the zones on the world map. They will be seen when you come nearer to them.

You must to pick up all definite supply crates on the areas of parking garages or the different buildings territory almost in all of the Quarantine Zones. The other ones require you clearing them from the enemies. All of the Quarantines are crowded with throngs of zombies and because of this reason you should beat your story and receive the good kinds of weapons. Only in a case like that you will have the chance to win.

If you want to simplify your task make it in Co-Op.

You have to come back to your bedroom if it is necessary to travel quick from The Old Town to The Slums and back. You can do it easily and immediately with help of a poster in your bedroom. This prompt travelling will be shown on the world map after zooming it.

Quarantine Zones in Dying Light

  • Bright Mountain Tunnel (Slums)
  • Chemical Storage (Slums)
  • Sunny Apartments (Slums)
  • Stuffed Turtle (Slums) 
  • Underground Parking (Slums) 
  • New Antalya Apartments (Old Town)
  • Parking Lot (Old Town)
  • Striped Dragon Hotel (Old Town)