Loop Hero – Final Camp Supply Setup (Everything Maxed)

This is for everyone who is pretty done with the game and looking for the best Camp Supply Setup. Note that this is only my personal choice and maybe you prefer to switch some items.

  • Watch this Gif for a quick overview.



  • 95x Count’s Chair -> 100% Vampirism on every char (rouge has base 5% so he dont need an item with vampirism on it).
  • 15x Alchemist’s Shelf -> +15 Poition Slots.
  • 45x Antique Shelf -> +45 max HP for every whole resource gained during expedition.


  • 30x Farmer’s Scythe -> 90% of dmg becomes dmg to all.
  • 30x Blacksmith’s Hammer -> +1 Defense (good synergy with Mixed Nuts).
  • 15x Herbalist’s Sickle – > +15% Healing by potions for overall 25% Healing.


  • 15x Mixed Nuts -> +30 HP for every Point of Defense (you can also go for more Antique Shelfs if you want).


  • 1x Rare Book -> +1 Defense for every card in players hand.
  • 1x Bass Candlestick -> +5% Dmg in range of Road Lantern or Beacon.
  • 17x Exquisite Mirror -> 102% to redirect lightning (by Storm Temple) or a magic attack to a random enemy.
  • 25x Old Painting -> +100% dmg to Bosses.

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