Loop Hero – Broken Geography Achievement Guide (Easy Method)

That is a pretty easy achievement. I personally made it by loop 14, but it can possibly be faster. No struggle at all, let me show you how.

How to Obtain Broken Geography Achievement Easy


There are some guides and advice already exist on this matter, though they are not good. There shouldn’t be any struggle with this achievement, it is pretty easy. I personally made it by loop 14, first try, no sweat. I recommend doing it last, as you already have a decent supply, but that is not mandatory. Here is my achievement run finale.

The Preparation

  • We are going to play in act II because we don’t want strong monsters, but we also don’t want to deal with Lich’s castle.
  • Warrior is slow, and Necro is even slower, so the class we are going to pick is Rogue.
  • Here is my supply. I would suggest mainly to stock up vampirism, boss damage, rare item chance, defense, and maybe potions. Also Damage to Ratwolves and damage to all could be pretty useful.
  • Cards. Now cards are the most important detail and in most cases, they are advised incorrectly. Here is the best deck for this achievement.
  1. Cemetery, grove.
  2. Vampire mansion, Battle field.
  3. Forest, Suburbs.
  4. Oblivion.

That’s it! No other cards, no golden cards.

  • Traits. I wouldn’t suggest picking any additional traits, except maybe Shield of Faith and just in case Bottomless Bottle. If you are not sure about your supply, maybe pick Omicron’s Technique but in my opinion that is a redundancy.

The traits you should be aiming for are Card-sharp (10% chance to reuse a card) and Old Scars (+1 HP for each trophy) in case you’ll get Ancestral crypt card.

All right! We are ready!

The Action


Cemetery, Grove

These two cards should occupy around 80% of the loop road. Try to prioritize Groves over Cemeteries, around 3:2, as skeletons could strike hard. And of course, keep 5-6 road tiles empty.

Vampire mancion, Battle field

Battle field is the most important card for you since it provides out-of-deck cards. You should fill all the road with its effect, but do not cross them on an empty road tile! You don’t need Blood Path.

Vampire mansions are pretty useful as they provide another soul for the encounter. Don’t cross their effect areas, just put as much as necessary to fill with effect all the road, but not more than that as you need empty roadside tiles.

Forest/Thicket, Suburbs

This one is easy. Pile up Suburbs on one side, pile up Forest/ Thicket on the other. Just don’t forget to leave free landscape tiles.

Although Forest/ Thicket could be tricky since every 10 tiles you’ll get an unwanted A Village? But for that we have…


Use it to wipe out A Village? as they provide no souls.


The out-of-deck cards are dropping from ghosts, which can appear on the dead enemy with a soul. At first, it would be a little slow, but as you fill up your road there will be more and more of them. Then it is just RNG, but to my experience, the drop is not that rare.

Do not forget to keep empty road/ sideroad/ landscape tiles.

The Village card try to place, so it has at least one empty road tile around in case you’ll get Wheat Fields. Also, it would be wise to place it near Vampire Mansion, as Ghouls have a soul.

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