Loop Hero – How to Get Maximum Camp Supply

This guide goes over a few tricks to build extra Mud Huts than normally possible, bringing supply available up to 372 or even higher.

Getting Maximum Camp Supply (372+)

Who is this guide for?

Filling out the camp with Mud Huts (and then upgrading them to Houses) is the signifier of late-game for Loop Hero.

I will show you how to get your camp supply to 372 while still having access to all cards, or higher if you find some cards to not be worth having access to.

This guide won’t go into the best way to grind out resources to achieve this goal, it is intended for those looking to truly Min/Max their camp once resources are plentiful enough to build anything and everything.

You can see how close to 372 Supply you are from your Mud Hut count (112 Houses=336, plus supply from other buildings):

Building more mud huts than regularly possible

If you want the TL;DR of this guide, this is the only section you need to understand how to max out your Supply.

I’ve made a diagram showing extra areas which can and cannot be built in.

In Purple (and Yellow) you can see all the buildable locations that the game does not make obvious.

To build here you must play in windowed mode, and click to build in the last pixel next to the border of the window. There is visual feedback when the building is placed and it will be selectable (to upgrade or demolish).

I found Windowed 4x to be the most reliable when trying to click these locations.

Red shows areas which are not buildable, the North and West sides of camp have zero buildable tiles but I assure you I have tested clicking in these very difficult to access areas.

Using this you can get your camp supply up to 360 while having all other buildings as well.

Do farms place gardens out of bounds too?

You can see I’ve highlighted in Teal the selector showing the Farm I placed out of bounds. I have tested whether placing a Farm here will create gardens in all the Red areas, it does NOT place down gardens. (Though nearby Purple locations will be filled with Gardens if unoccupied)

I’ve tested placing farms in all Purple locations and none of them create nearby Gardens further out.

Placing your Farm (for access to Wheat Fields and crafting Food Items) has no benefit from being placed out of bounds, and can be positioned anywhere you like.

Okay, you have every single tile filled with buildings or Houses, but you want more.

Here are a few suggestions of other buildings which can be demolished and replaced with fully upgraded Mud Huts for maximum supply availability.

First, you should demolish Watchtowers. The guards do not scale well enough into high loops, and when playing as the Necromancer you are much better off having Skeleton Archers or Mages in those slots. (Skeleton Mages are essential to running Battlefield while playing Necromancer).

Other than their poor scaling, they provide worse Supply access when fully upgraded than a Mud Hut does.

Having access to one extra item makes the House a better choice and it gives access to up to 3 Furniture, which is in my opinion more powerful than Tools as you are unlikely to hit the cap on either category but most Furniture scales infinitely (Count’s Chair, Antique Shelf, Alchemist’s Table).

That is my personal build: Access to all cards and abilities, with no watchtowers, 372 Supply.

372 Supply? Can’t we get any more?

If you really want the absolute maximum supply you can begin to demolish other buildings which provide very little during gameplay.

My personal suggestions are once you have crafted literal hundreds of every item in the game, demolish the three that allow you to craft items.

  • The Lumberjack can be demolished if you don’t plan to craft any more furniture for a net +3 Supply.
  • The Farm can be demolished if you don’t plan to craft any more food and do not use the Wheat Fields card in expeditions for net +3 Supply.
  • The Smithy (Decent Forge) can be demolished if you don’t plan to craft any more tools and do not use the Smith’s Forge card in expeditions for net +2 Supply.

All the other buildings provide fairly essential Cards or abilities but feel free to go crazy!

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