Octopath Traveler – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Octopath Traveler game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Tressa’s a good starting character, and well worth keeping in your party the entire game, because she finds money on the ground any time you change areas.
  • Olberic’s also a good regular to get early (and right near Tressa on the map), because Level Slash never stops being useful for mob-clearing. It’s also well worth learning Thousand Spears ASAP, because any time you hit a boss or random enemy with a spear weakness you’re pretty much guaranteed to shred 3-4 tiers of armor.
  • I would also suggest starting as Therion if you have loot OCD since you need him to lockpick purple chests and Steal SP is a bit crazy early game. Still unsure if purple chests are really worth it honestly.
  • If you want to do the final boss understand youll need everyone to be level 70+. If you just want to beat the characters stories you can just use your favorites and rotate as needed to do the stories
  • The character you pick at the start only matters so much as they’re locked into your party until you finish their chapter 4 storyline a substantial way into the game. The game is structured so each character’s story is mostly independent and you can cherry pick which ones to follow so long as your team is strong enough. You can also do every character’s storyline on the same save file if you want and finishing them all (along with some sidequests) unlocks some post-game content.
  • The game has a dash when holding down the B button. The base speed is decently brisk already, but it’s still nice for doing side quests in town. The game says it increases encounter rates out in the field, but it’s not especially noticeable.
  • Town fast travel works everywhere, so it can be used as a dungeon escape if you get in over your head.
  • The tavern lets you access every character’s gear from one screen, which makes it easier to strip gear from idle characters and pool them for your current team.
  • Primrose’s chapter 2 town isn’t very intuitive to get to. You want to start at the forest town H’aanit starts at far southwest and go north toward Victor’s Hollow. You’ll see signposts that’ll guide you the rest of the way to Stillsnow.
  • Shrines will start showing up on the roads outside the chapter 2 towns. They show as small, short black stone circle on the painted world map if they haven’t been discovered yet and the mini-map icon is a horizontal ring with four columns coming out the top. These unlock the secondary jobs for the characters. There’s one exception: The Cleric shrine is right outside Ophelia’s starting town.
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