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The Binding of Isaac: Repentance - How to Complete the Final Ending (Spoilers)

Written by Jordan100X   /   Updated: March 31, 2021    

How to complete the final ending after completing Antibirth ending.

Antibirth Content (Prerequisite)

Complete the following in order and in 1 run (Azazel recommended):

Go to Downpour 2, find a room with a white fire and touch it. This will turn you into The Lost temporarily. Find the room with a mirror in it and walk through it. In the mirrored layout walk to the item room and grab key piece 1.

Go to Mines 2. ~3 yellow buttons will appear around the floor. After hitting all of them find a room with a minecart sitting in the middle and touch it. Run through the new floor to grab knife piece 2. Complete the escape sequence.

Go to Masoleum 2. Kill Mom. If you have a Devil/Angel deal go to that first. In the same room you fought mom stab the cracked wall with the completed knife. Kill Mom's Heart.

Complete Corpse 1 & 2.

Final Ending

Recommended to play as Azazel, he comes with everything you will need for this section. Be sure to save the teleport card to get out after killing Mom.

Before deciding to fight the following boss know that your run stops on Depths 2. You will not be able to grab any items after leaving Depths 2 and your run should be strong enough to kill Hush/Mega Satan before attempting to kill the new final bosses.

Make your way to Depths 2. There should be a door in the starting room directly behind Isaac, similarly to how the Mega Satan door appears.

Before fighting Mom, make sure you have a teleport card or a way to exit the boss fight after it is done. Defeat Mom and grab either the Polaroid or the Negative. Teleport out of the boss battle and return to the starting room. Touching the door will remove the Polaroid/Negative. Continue through the door.

The rest of the run is pretty straight forward, but don't forget to interact with the chest that contains the Red Key to unlock it.


Written by Jordan100X.