The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – Cheats (Console Commands)

Cheats (Console Commands)

In addition, Afterbirth+ has added a console that gives unlimited opportunities for debugging and quick viewing of in-game content.

It only works if the game has at least one mod installed. Opens with the ~ (tilde). To hide the console, hit Enter without typing anything or Esc. Pressing the up arrow key will bring up the last command used.

  • achievement – Unlocks achievements according to their number.
  • spawn – Creates enemies according to the template, replacing words with values [type].[variant].[subtype].[champion]
  • goto – Go to certain rooms of the level. The prefix ” s “denotes special rooms, and the prefix” d “denotes ordinary rooms.”
  • stage – Transition to the desired level according to the number.
  • gridspawn – Creates the selected object in the room according to the sequence number.
  • giveitem – Gives you artifacts, cards, pills, trinkets, etc.
  • remove – Removes items.
  • costumetest – Gives the character a random costume.
  • restart – Reloads the race.
  • listcollectibles – Writes a list of all the items of the character.
  • repeat – Repeats the last command.
  • clearseeds – Removes all Easter seed effects.
  • seed – Creates a new race with the entered seed.
  • challenge – Starts a new race with the selected challenge.
  • combo [itempool #]. [number of random items] – Gives the hero several random artifacts from the list of the selected room. For example: combo 0.69
  • macro – Runs a set of commands.
  • curse – Sets the value corresponding to a specific curse.
  • reseed – Creates a new floor generation.
  • copy – Copies the previous console commands and displays them on the screen.
  • restock – Updates all stores. 

Debug Commands

Includes various cheats.

  • debug 1 – Displays hitboxes of objects.
  • debug 2 – Displays the number of each cell.
  • debug 3 – Full invulnerability.
  • debug 4 – +40 damage to the hero’s tears.
  • debug 5 – Displays text at the bottom of the screen about the current room.
  • debug 6 – No visible effects.
  • debug 7 – Displays the damage values.
  • debug 8 – The activated artifact always has a full charge.
  • debug 9 – Luck becomes 50.
  • debug 10 – All enemies take a certain amount of permanent damage.
  • debug 11 – Cell position.

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