Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – How to Use Shouter Offensively

In this guide I’m going to teach you how to use a support class offensively.

Guide to Use a Support Class Offensively

Learning How to Use Unarmed Combat

Unarmed combat is when a unit doesn’t have any main weapons, say like the peasant or the flint lock after firing, then you have to retort to unarmed combat. The unarmed combat works a bit like for honor, when you see a unit swinging left or right, you press m1 or m2 depending on witch way they swing. If the attacker swing downwards you press both m1 and m2 to shove them and throw them to the ground.

Learning How to Shout On Good Chokes

Shouting is the best thing shouter is good at, it’s mostly used to push units back so ranged units can attack. But if you take control of a unit and position yourself near the edge of the map with cover (say the destroyed pillar on medieval 1) then you can wipe out a lot of the enemy’s cannon fodder and leave the enemy’s ranged units get torn to pieces.

Dodging Enemy Attacks

When you’re trying to dodge enemy attacks, you should try to predict or look where the enemy will swing, (this step is if your punches are on cooldown) if they’re swinging to the left or right, step in the direction they’re swing but rotate your mouse so you end up behind them, and then you can shove them to the floor or shout at them.

Dealing with Larger Units

When you’re fighting againts larger units, say the Jarl or perhaps if your opponent is daring Mammoth, you’re better of just running away since if you have archers the effect on the mammoth with your shout will be barely noticable, but if you’re dealing with say a king or Jarl, you can try to cheese your way past them by going under their weapons by just walking into them and start punching the heck out of them.

Transitioning to Multiplayer

When you’re in Multiplayer, and not dealing with Chronomancer or Void Monarchs then you can probably use shouter offensively effectively. Shouter can beat actually a lot of opponents, such as brawler, bezerker, harvester, farmer , hay baler (♥♥♥ hay balers), headbutters using the 3’rd step (That of dodging) and most of all ranged units (besides solar architect because fire vortex)

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