PUBG – How to Use Zeroing Distance

This guide will tell you how to use zeroing distance effectively.

Figuring out the distance between the player and the enemy

In order to figure out the distance between the player and enemy, you will need to make use of your map. I like to use buildings to figure out their exact location if need be. To find the distance, you will want to count the number of white squares between yourself and the enemy. Each square is equal to 100m.

Setting zeroing distance and landing the kill

After you’ve counted your squares, you will want to set your zeroing distance to that number. For example, 3 white squares away would be 300m so you would set the zeroing distance to 300m. After you’ve set the distance, you will want to shoot just a tiny bit above their head as there will still be a little bit of bullet drop but a lot less than normal. It should not take long to get used to.

Note: You will still need to aim infront of the enemy if he is moving as it only reduces the bullet drop.

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