PUBG – How to Get Better (Beginners)

In this guide im going to show you 3 ways to get better at PUBG. The 1st one being how to play it correctly, the 2nd being how to learn quickly, and the third is how to kill players smoothly, and quickly.

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How to Play PUBG


When playing PUBG, always be calm, smart, and slow. This game is slow-paced, and there isn’t a lot going on at times.So try to stay at the same speed as the game.Be calm, and make sure to take deep breaths every once in a while because it can get intense, and sometimes you forget to breath.

Always think ahead and watch your back.I can not say this enough, this is a very essential key to killing players, getting loot, finding cars, and even winning the game.Be cautious, always check your back during firefights if you are in the open, and CHECK your map! If you don’t check your map you could well be caught in “The Red Zone”, and you will be forced to stay where you are/find shelter and keep there even if the play area is being restriced and getting smaller. You can die, and take lots of damage. Also, always know where to go. You should always know where to be at and when to leave. Don’t stay in the same city for 1/4 of the game, because then you’ll realize the Play Area is on the opposite side of the map.

How to Learn Things Quickly


I made a drawing that shows where most of the safezones/play areas are, and where you should land, its not the greatest drawing but try to match it to 2nd image. Always eject from the cargo plane once you get to either of those points (check marks). The 2nd picture shows a more detailed map and where guns and vehicles most likely spawn. Use the landing points from my drawing and the item spawns from the 2nd image to your advantage. Typically, you want to be land in the play area and the places with lots of good loot.


If you wan’t to learn how to get better quickly, make sure to always use these guns.

M416 Gun Variant:The M16 Series of guns don’t do the most damage, but its one of the most accurate guns in the game, since its accuracy helps a lot with sniping.

AKM: This gun deals a lot of a damage in a close-range and a mid-range firefight, but it doesn’t do very well when sniping because of its recoil.Although sniping can be done with this gun with a foregrip and scope, it is still difficult because you need to deal with a great deal of recoil and also with bullet drop.

If you can master these guns you should be good.

How to Actually Learn

If you want to start practicing, in my opinion the best way to start is to play by yourself in a duos match.You will be put up against more players, and they will team on you.This should create a challenge for you.When you start getting good with this method, try a solo match and you should play a lot better then the other players.

How to Kill People Easily

Gun Attatchments

Make sure to use these attatchments on your weapons to get easier kills.


  • Red Dot Sight. 2x scope and 4x scope.

Other Attatchemts:

  • Suppressor, and a foregrip.

Use the map from the 1st chapter to find out where good guns and attatchments spawn.

Aiming & Shooting

First of all, once you are done collecting your helmets, armor, ammo, guns, attatchments, and other things, make sure to set your weapon to the right mode by pressing B.

The M16-Series should be on single, but the M16A4 is very good at both long-range and close-range. If you have that gun, keep it on single when sniping, but on burst when close-quarters.

1st Shot, Headshot:

If you see someone that is looting or dropping items, take your time and headshot him.If he has a helmet it will take it off, if he doesn’t hes dead.Easy kill.


You don’t need to have perfect aim to get better at this game.You just have to be good with timing, and a little bit smarter then your enemy.First of all, use Q and E to lean left or right.You peek out just a little bit and you can shooting enemies with your rifle.Using Q and E makes you a smaller target, which sounds good but it comes at a price.Your head, its vulnerable and if the enemy is a good shot you are dead or hurt. But, don’t worry this doesn’t happen to often because even at the lowest sensitivity , it is still a little to quick and makes players miss a lot.Also use Q and E to freelook a little bit further.Pressing alt allows you to look around you with out moving which can help a lot, but pressing Q or E can make you peek around a lot more.

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