NieR Replicant – Lock FPS + Auto Hide Mouse (Fix Dualshock Controllers)

Please note: all credit goes to maratx!

While there are many guides out there that use the Nvidia Control Panel to lock FPS at 60, there is a better method using SpecialK.

Lock FPS + Auto Hide Mouse Guide

While there are many guides out there that use the Nvidia Control Panel to lock FPS at 60, I prefer using SpecialK; a fast mod that fixs FPS, Hiding the mouse, and Dualshock controllers.

So here is a guide.

1) Download the latest version of SpecialK from here: 

2) Go to your Nier Replicant installation directory:

  • steamsteamappscommonNieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139

3) Extract the following files and folders into the Replicant directory: Servlet, PlugIns, SKIF.exe, and finally SpecialK64.dll

Note: Do not extract SpecialK32.dll

4) Rename SpecialK64.dll to dxgi.dll

Your Replicant folder should look like so after the above steps:

5) Launch the game (Neir Replicant).

6) If everything is done successfully, you will get a message from the mod appear on launch. It’s hard to miss.

7) Time to lock the fps! Hit Ctrl + Shift + Backspace to open up the control panel while the game is open. You can be in the main menu, in game, doesn’t matter.

8) Now Click Frame Limiter, Check the box that says Frame limit, Double click the box to the right to input a value; enter 60. This is how it all should look. When it says “(Limit Engaged)” next to the 60; we’re done! FPS is now locked at 60! No Extra steps needed to get Playstation controllers working, SpecialK handles all that out of the box!

Bonus: Hide Mouse

Now that SpeicalK is installed, it takes a few seconds to enable automatic mouse hiding.

1) Open the SpecialK configuration via Ctrl + Shift + Backspace. If it’s already open, just continue to step 2.

2) Click/expand Input Management, then “Mouse Cursor”, and finally check “Hide When Not Moved”

If everything is done successfully, the configuration should look like the image below:

That is all, enjoy!

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