Oxygen Not Included – How to Survive in Failed Colony

A guide for surviving in a failed colony.

Surviving Guide

Getting to a Failed Colony

Failed Colonies are quite dangerous, so Atmo suits are useful when exploring. A way to enter Failed Colonies is by rockets or, if it’s active, teleporters.

Different Types of Failed Colonies

Failed Colonies can be in multiple types, such as:

  • Default: These FCs are quite normal, having a mix of many buildings and rooms.
  • Wild: These FCs are usually overrun by plants and critters. Finding food is quite hard.
  • Ruins: These FCs have a lot of Gravitas ruins in them. Pretty useful.
  • Space Base: These FCs are only found in space biomes. Destroyed rockets and data banks can be found.
  • Steamy: Steamy FCs are very dangerous. The high temperatures and possible magma pools can lead to some explorers not coming back.
  • Toxic: Toxic FCs are fill of toxic gases. Atmo suits are needed for survival.
  • Radioactive: Radioactive FCs can easily lead to radiation poisoning. Beeta hives and a new resource – plutonium – are found everywhere.
  • Liveable: These FCs have liveable conditions. They can be around for 17-92 cycles before a super-meteor crashes, ripping it apart and leading to massive oxygen loss.

Failed Colony Resources

FCs are fill of many resources. Wild FCs are more organic resources, while Radioactive FCs have a big amount of radioactive metals. Genetic ooze can easily found from critter and Dupe corpses. Certain food is also likely to be open for taking. Toxic FCs are an easy source of slime, which can be turned into algae. Space Bases have the more rarer resources, so those are somewhere to go when you need a little boost.

Note that FCs aren’t always going to be found. This is only for Terra’s supercolony. Hatches aren’t what you think they are.

A New Failed Colony

FCs are a piece of history. They shouldn’t be tampered with. They’re not for the resources or new Dupes. An unknown germ is in the oxygen and that’s how they died you can’t prevent death they couldn’t research it its alive hatches are part of a greater being the fossils are needed for the greater being don’t use them for building kill the hatches the failed colonies are past colonies that you forgot about everyone died but when you go on a past colony they’re alive how why why why.

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