Beasts of Bermuda – Tropeognathus Guide

Learn to be a better bird.

Guide to Play Tropeognathus

All credit goes to Hroar the Red!


So you want to play as a Tropeognathus.

Fly into the air and look down across the world beneath you. Look at the different biomes, the many different dinosaurs that roam the land; and know one truth and one truth alone.

Each and every single one of those dinosaurs, wants to see you dead.

The carnivores roaming the land, the gentle Apas feasting on trees, the fish in the sea and yes- even other flyers in the air, would prefer if you didn’t exist. You are the dreaded Thunder Bird; the Storm Flyer; the Sky Rat.

Camouflage Matters

No amount of right coloring is ever going to make you utterly invisible to your foes. But then again, that’s not the point of camouflage either. Camouflage is about that split second of non-recognition that can be the difference between you getting away from a potential attacker or being overlooked. You can’t always decide what colors you have if you’re being nested in, but you can always darken the colors manually before 0.7.

So You’re Ready to Eat Some Fish Now?

  • Yes, Tropeognathus is a fish eater.
  • Yes, Tropeognathus was designed to be piscivorous.
  • Yes, your food symbol on your screen is literally a fish.

But that does not mean eating fish is a good idea. The sad fact of the matter is, it is safer, easier and generally all-around better to eat spawn gores then it is to dive for fish. There are only certain spots on the two most-played current maps where fish can be readily gained; and most of them are common points for aquatics to travel through. It only takes one aquatic deciding they want to bite/drown you for you to never come back from that fishing trip again.

Social Politics and You

I’m going to say it like it is- Beasts of Bermuda is a social game. Your place within a servers social hierarchy is going to effect how you play. It’s going to effect who is most willing to go out of their way to give you eggs, it’s going to effect who is most likely to attack, or not attack you.

You will often find servers dominated by large clans, in many cases, these can be Trope clans, or Ptera clans; who seek to control the skies. You may be able to join them. But even if you do not; don’t despair. Even the largest of clan can be undermined, defeated or avoided. But it is important to keep in mind, because it will help determine your survival style.

Trope Builds

The fun thing about BoB is that there are many different ways to survive as any dino if you’re creative or skilled enough. The three builds I will show below are not the -only- ways to build a Trope, but they are solid, consistently effective ways to build a Trope to survive.

Combat Trope

You dream of spreading fear and terror throughout the server you play on. You long of glorious aerial combat- or land dinos running in fear to caves the moment they see your shadow cast upon the ground.

You dream, of being a combat Trope.

A combat Trope will firstly fill out their combat tree early game. However, from there you need to make a choice- at least for a time on what will be your main prey, other Flyers or land dinos. If you plan to fight other flyers, you should invest points more heavily into speed after combat, if land dinos, you’ll want to invest points more heavily into survival.

Early Game Talents

  • Strong Legs
  • Quick Takeoff
  • Adrenaline
  • Brace For Impact
  • Persistence
  • Brawler
  • Stoic
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Healing
  • Deadly Wings

Late Game Talents

  • Long Runner
  • Endurance
  • Strong Wings
  • Strong Bonds
  • Strong Bones
  • Constitution.

Deadly Wings is especially important for combat Tropes; with the deadliest ones having 5/3 in it from inherits.

Baby Snatch Trope

The thrill of battle does not call to you as strongly as others. No- your joys are more subtle. You like to creep up on an unsuspecting pack of Dinos. You like taking your time, waiting for that right moment; and then, right when that newborn dinosaur thinks itself safe and it’s parents have wandered just far enough away…..

You’re flying away with it into the sky.

Baby Snatcher Tropes focus primarily upon the Baby Snatcher talent to help them make off with newborn and juvenile dinosaurs. Their first priority will be getting baby Snatcher and maxing it out; and preferably getting inherits to it to increase it’s potential. Later, at higher stages of growth, they can build their Trope to be either speed or combat, as suits their preference and playstyle.

Early Game Talents

  • Baby Snatcher
  • Stoic
  • Persistence
  • Quick takeoff
  • Strong Legs
  • Aqua Affinity
  • Strong Lungs

Late Game Talents

  • Either speed or combat, as preferred.

Video Example of Quality Baby Snatcher Trope gameplay

The Speedy Trope

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” – New Trope Players trying speed and then running into a tree and dying moments later.

You don’t really much care for fighting, or snatching babies. Or perhaps your server is dominated by larger birds; whom you’d rather just avoid and outpace? Perhaps you just like flying for flyings sake?

Speed Trope might be right for you.

Early Game Talents

  • Strong Legs
  • Long Runner
  • Strong Wings
  • Endurance
  • Quick Takeoff
  • Swiftness
  • Nimble Footed
  • Weather resistance.

Late Game Talents

  • Any as desired, provided you grow large enough, you could also become a combat or baby snatcher Trope.

Rogue Gallery

Other Dinos and how to deal with them


Small, weak; but can be deadly in the right hands. With Wing Tear they can ground you easily. But Wing Beat tends to destroy them. Still, don’t get overconfident.


The other bird in the sky. Their faster then you; but not as tanky. However, they are not to be underestimated. In the hands of skilled players, one Pteranodon can kill a Trope. The key to winning against Pteranodons, is to never give them the high ground. Their damage accelerates based off of how much speed they can get. If they can’t get above you, their damage is laughable at best.

Worst case scenario comes about and you have to retreat? Find a cave and bunker down. You’re better at face-to-face combat then they are. If you can’t get to one in time, dive into the ocean. Your a better swimmer and have more oxygen them they do by default. You’ll just have to hope nothing down there eats you.


Small and fragile, but can be deadly. If they throw dirt into your face, you will find yourself unable to fly away quickly. Death will likely follow shortly.


Their small and fragile, but less so then Velos and Ory’s. If you can catch one out on it’s own, a quick and decisive wing beat might cripple them and give you an easy win. But there’s only so many of their head butts you can take before your grounded; and on the ground? Pachy will win.


Tanky and Stronger then they look. Provided they are fully grown and competent, you’ll most likely need a second Trope- or more to bring one down. Aim for leg hits to cause injury and slowly wear it down.


Difficult. If you are to hunt them, their similar in many ways to Para, but they are more capable of causing injury damage and they have the option of escaping into water.


You probably won’t kill a full grown Sai, even with a full pack of Tropes at your back. Still, Sai players have an odd habit of afking near cliff edges. Push them off when you can.


Not much to you can do to them. Unless you’re a baby snatcher. Then their an excellent source of meat when they decide to nest.


An excellent choice for prey. They have generally low health, don’t cause much injury damage, or cause much damage on land. Best killed before they can escape to water, but if you cause them enough injury damage before they get to it, you can dive after them and finish them off.


The Prey of Choice for any combat Trope worth his salt. The less they’ve built into combat, the easier they are to kill. You want to aim for leg hits to cripple them. A Meg that can’t run or turn properly, is a dead Meg.

Still, don’t underestimate them and don’t hunt a pack of Megs alone. If they get enough bites on you before you can take off into the air again, they will kill you.


A large, dangerous carnivore. If you want to fight one, you want to fight them while their alone; while you preferably are not. Even then, it can be a challenge. If you and your pack are looking for a tough fight, go for it, but if not, stick to targets more in your weight class.

Tyrannosaurus rex

The Apex Predator of the terrestrial dinosaurs. Similar to above, if you insist on fighting one, you want to fight it while it’s alone. As a general thing, fighting an adult rex isn’t usually worth it. One bite is enough to cripple you and make you unable to fly; and the second will likely kill you outright.

But then again. There is nothing so glorious, as killing the Tyrant King as a bird. If you want to make this your Trope-goal. Then go for it, the Gods favor the bold.

Elasmosaurus, Mosasaurus, Kronosaurus

Unless they’ve beached themselves, you can’t really hope to kill them. They rule in the sea’s, you rule in the skies. Unless you make the mistake of going for fish to eat, they aren’t really your problem most of the time.


They will often be your biggest competitors, depending on the server. It will come down to numbers, size and skill. Fight hard, aim your wing beats well- and let the better Trope win.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I be on the map?

Depends. While your growing, you generally want to pick locations that other players aren’t going to be. Avoid large mountain caves (often called “Bird Towers” by the playerbase) as they may be inhabited already by larger Tropes that might want to eat you.

One of the main benefits of being a flyer is superior mobility across the map. Use it to your advantage, stay mobile, play smart.

A favorite tactic of mine is hiding ontop of certain tree’s. While doing so you’re all but invisible to most other dinosaurs.

Should I get points into GP?

Every Trope build can, theoretically benefit from having points into GP. However, if you should get it or not comes down to your own personal situation. You don’t -need- GP to grow, it just helps you grow faster. But that won’t help you if there aren’t enough people on your server that want Trope eggs.

How should I fight?

Wing beat is your bread and butter for both air and ground targets. It causes the most health and injury damage to your targets. For land foes, you want to dive down, use wing beat and then take off again.

Quick Takeoff can be essential for this. For without it, getting back into the air again while having injury damage may be impossible; and it’s a constant danger that you will be hit while going in for a Wing Beat.

You sure I shouldn’t eat fish?


I want to be an Egg Thief Trope!

You’re not really great at it, as a general thing.

Ironically, it’s easier for you to grab babies then it is to grab eggs; and the larger you grow, the harder it’s going to be for you to sneak into someones nest to grab an egg. Leave egg-snatching to Velo’s and Ptera’s.


Well, that’s just about everything that I can teach you.

To all those taking to the skies after reading this; I wish you good fortune. Many of you will die; possibly multiple times. But keep at it. Keep practicing, keep trying; and one day- other players will come to a horrible realization.

They cannot hide from the storm. You are the storm; and so long as you fly in the skies. There will be no shelter from you.

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