Red Dead Redemption 2 – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Red Dead Redemption 2 game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing


  • You get a brush for your horse from the early story quest “Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego” given by Hosea in camp. If you start getting warnings about your horse’s health core decreasing because it’s dirty, its not a HUGE deal, but that quest is how you get the option to brush your horse clean.
  • If you want to get serious about hunting for perfect pelts, get the legendary buck talisman first, it gives you higher quality pelts from hunting.
  • Don’t worry too much about the side activities until chapter 3, that’s when you are done up with most of the introductory ‘here’s how you do this activity’-type missions.
  • It’s probably best to prioritise the missions with white icons. It is possible for the yellow icon missions to progress the storyline beyond a point where you can do the white icon missions.
  • The mission “Banking, the Old American Art” in Chapter 4 is a point of no return. Do whatever you want in the open world before that.
  • There’s a free Schofield Revolver you can get by robbing the doctor in Valentine. It’s one of the better handguns in the game, so that gives you a bit of a leg up.
  • You never actually lose your money, although you may be separated from it for a while.
  • From a story perspective, Chapter 3 is probably the best place to dick around doing side stuff. Or at least, that was the general opinion when I was playing.
  • If you use the cinematic camera while riding your horse, it’ll auto ride to your destination. It maintains what your pace is when going into cinematic camera. It won’t start going to the destination from a stop or even if it’s going too slow. This also means if it’s at a full gallop it’ll stay there and often get worn out quickly. It’s also prone to running into other riders and wagons on the road. I wouldn’t expect it to make it across the map without incident.


  • You have to sell perfect/Legendary pelts to the Trapper NPC in order to buy special outfits. If you donate a pelt to your camp, the Trapper won’t be able to make clothing with it.
  • The Trapper has a set location in a certain town, but be can also be found in random places on the world map. His icon is a bear paw.
  • If you lose a Legendary pelt by getting killed while carrying it, the pelt will be added to the Trapper’s inventory automatically as if you had sold it to him. All you lose out on is the money you would’ve made from selling it to him.
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