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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Gold, Cash and Leveling in Red Dead Online

Written by HallusH   /   Jan 13, 2020    

This guide doesn't uses any glitches or exploits. The only thing which might be reduce by rockstar is the exp, gold or cash if they will rebalance the economy keep this in mind if you view this in the far future.

How to Money and Leveling

Ranking Up

This is for PC keyboard and mouse.

Set your game to Free aim lobbies +20 exp per kill.

Turning off assist on all which you should do in single player before going into online.

There are more exp bonuses such as:

  • Special ammo used +5 exp.
  • Hat shot +5 exp.
  • Execution +10 exp melee kills.

These are the most often you will be able to do with any play style i assume.

  • Leveling your stamina is done by using a bow, melee or fishing.
  • Leveling your dead eye is done by using it.
  • The fastest way is using a bow with Paint It Black ability card with dead eye and level both at the same time.

Don't be afraid of always using tonics in fights the game just fills up your inventory from looting.

* Note that every 5 levels you will be rewarded with a treasure map which help with cash and gold.

Story helps to level up a bit so make sure you do it while you are still grinding for ranks required for the weapons you want if you want them.

Ability Cards Setup

Paint It Black is by far the strongest dead eye card in a free aim lobby.

I would recommend you to rebind your eagle eye / dead eye key from middle mouse to mouse 4 or some key you can press while also ready to pull the trigger.

The Unblinking Eye rank 26 unlock

  • Dead Eye & Eagle Eye gauge drains slower.

Eye for an Eye Rank 28

  • Headshot restores Dead Eye gauge.

This combo is great to keep using Paint it Black as much as possible.

The 4th one you can use:

Peak Condition Rank 14

  • Damage increased when Stamina is 75% or above.

Strange Medicine Rank 32

  • Dealing damage heals you.
  • Regular HP regeneration speed halved.

Cold Blooded Rank 36

  • Killing enemy heals you over time for 5 seconds.


A must have list and reasons why:

  • Bow = fastest way to level your stamina and stealth kills and dailies.
  • 1 pistol = daily missions ( a revolver is not a pistol for daily).
  • 1 shotgun = daily missions.
  • 1 rifle = daily missions ( a repeater is not a rifle for daily).
  • 1 repeater = 200 ammo limit.

Varmint rifle for collecting eggs / small game hunt. no need to upgrade unless you want to use for hunting.

Tools Needed

Save up for your ideal horse.

You can get a pocket watch for free without paying gold for it. google this one.

Fishing rod rank 14, bait and lures which unlock at rank 30 which mostly for dailies.

Collectors role must haves shovel and metal detector.

Bow as said before make sure to stock up on arrows and loot them back from dead bodies.

After you got your guns and your tools make sure to get warm weather outfit and a cold one or combo an outfit for each.


This would be my sum up and how it works at the moment with all the disconnects and problems.

For faster leveling and nice money gain The Collector role has no competition vs other roles at the moment.

Given this amazing work it allows you to collect a lot and gain exp for each.

You do need to get the collectors bag to become a collector in order to be able to turn in said collections to madam nazar.

Took me about half a day to level collector to max while still hoping into freeroam events and doing other dailies as it isn't affected by disconnects so no progress loss to stop you.

Collector: fastest exp and bonus money.

  • The bonus free roam event speeds helps a lot to level.

Trader: takes a lot of time.

  • Current disconnects makes it very risky to go farm animals then go back to camp.
  • So it will take you awhile to fill up.
  • And while doing a delivery some cheater can teleport you to nowhere and you lose all progress.

Moonshiner: needs trader to unlock.

  • Currently way too buggy to progress. a disconnect from a session most likely will reset your prep order as well as the 2 missions prep to reduce the price after you waited 30-60mins.

* I'm about level 9 on it and i think i'd it reset on me more times than i actually delivered it.

Bounty hunter: Pretty stable gold gain role.

  • But takes awhile to level up to get to the bigger bounties and risky cause of disconnects.


The best loot you can find is jewelry type laying around which you sell to the fence. Other things you can sell to the fence you get from looting bodies / robing.

With the collectors role looting bodies becomes even more profitable as enemies drop collectibles and sometimes the rare ones which only have 1 spawn each day on a 3days rotation. So make sure you loot everything you can.

Do your story missions and that should have you covered for the basic guns you will need.

No point min maxing roles beside the collector for profits because the game isn't stable enough for these roles to work properly.


List of ways to make gold and what your priority should be set on.

1. Daily streak = just finish 1 to keep the streak going.

2. Do as many easy dailies as you can.

3. Free roam events.

  • Note that many of these you can just afk if you don't want to play.
  • Also to be rewarded gold nugs from events they need to last X amount of time.
  • Some always will last full duration and can be counted on to get 0.24 gold.
  • The odd thing is that some of them last a full duration event like the Fishing Challenge.
  • Even if you win it you still only get 0.08.

4. Every 5 levels you will get a treasure map.

  • Lowest i had was 0.48 in a row but the highest was 2 gold.

5. Unlocking roles for their dailies when you have extra gold.

  • See how to spend gold below before you do so.

6. Free Roam NPC missions.

  • They will reward gold on time spent.
  • From what i looked up its a spaghetti static and if you just want to sit 14mins in front of the npc and wait hoping you won't disconnect it is a way.

Spending Your Gold

This will be the sum up of all the factors listed above.

I managed to get to rank 102 with about 60+ extra gold after buying all the roles and buying some skins in 21days streak of 22days total trying to play online.

Here is how i would recommend investing your gold to make even more gold and cash:

  1. Save up 15 gold.
  2. Collectors Role = you rank up faster and get a lot of cash.
  3. Save up 40 gold.
  4. Outlaw 2 pass = all this time spent you already leveled it up and it pays back 40 bars.
  5. Bounty hunter 15 gold.
  6. Trader 15gold -> moonshiner 25 gold.

Rockstar been doing a lot of promotions so if you have twitch prime you might not need to save any gold and you get the collector role for free. Or it might have a discount so some step and makes it cheaper.

Written by HallusH.