Risk of Rain 2 – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Risk of Rain 2 game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • There’s no shame in starting at the easiest, Drizzle difficulty, as you learn the ropes. You can accomplish most achievements and unlock most items and characters without needing to up the difficulty.
  • Teleporter emits orange embers in the air around it, which allows you to find it more easily. Always find and make a mental note of the teleporter location on the level as the first priority, then you may go grab some loot or levels as you decide to.
  • Fast firing characters like Commando and most other starting ones, you’ll want to prioritize rate of fire and procs. Bleed from Triangular Dagger is very powerful against high HP enemies and bosses.
  • Use recyclers to turn your less useful items into Item Scrap. Then when you come across a 3D printer that creates good items, it will first use up your Item Scrap (of the same rarity level), and leave your better items alone. Make good of use of 3D printers with good items, they let you define your whole build.
  • Stacking some AE items like Will of the Wisp and Gasoline will increase both their damage and AE range, increasing their power exponentially in hectic situations. Fun!
  • Don’t go all out with DPS, some movement speed items and a bit of defense will help a lot.
  • There’s an equipment item called Fuel Array at the back of the escape pod as you start out. It’s basically a bomb that explodes and kills you if your health drops under 50%, so be careful. You’re supposed to bring it to Stage 4 Abyssal Depths, where up high there’s a strange robot thing that becomes a playable character.
  • At Stage 5, you can interact with the weird Stonehenge-like thing around the teleport.
  • At the final Stage 6, you’re supposed to do some climbing on top of the weird broken stone geometry to reach the boss arena. Once you deal with the boss, you’re supposed to make your way all the way back to entrance before the timer runs out.
  • Some Item benefits cap at a certain point. For example Lens-Maker’s Glasses will give you 10% critical chance, this will cap at 100% so getting more than 10 is pointless.
  • Artifacts can be unlocked to modify game rules (i.e. add friendly fire, change how enemies spawn). You’ll need to find a 9×9 shape code to input on Stage 5 in order to unlock them and after they’re unlocked they can be turned on during character selection.
  • Each character has unlockable alternate abilities, the loadout tab on the character screen will let you see their unlock requirements.
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