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Risk of Rain 2 - Captain Demolition Expert Guide

Written by Ear   /   Aug 12, 2020    

Guide on How-To

But why tho

What a great question because instead of Request up to 3 Orbital Probes Each probe deals 1500% damage it is now 12 dealing 1500% damage (or how many you can stack).

But this power is at a cost

Yep, you have to say goodbye to your trusty shotgun arm. I know it is hard but bare with me it is worth it.

The item you will need

Visions of Heresy This item will make your Orbital Probe have 12 instead of 3 when this item is not on cool down.

Where to get the item you need

If you don't already know you get this item at Bazaar Between Time it has a chance of showing up if it don't try next time.

How it looks before

How it looks after you get Visions of Heresy

P.S. it also stacks if you can get more of it.

Written by Ear.