Devour – The Town Guide (Setup / Strategy)

This is a guide going over my setup/strategy for The Town.


First thing you’ll want to do is run to the church key as fast as you can, this will make sure nobody else opens the church before you’re ready. (You’ll see why this is important soon).

Once you picked up the key you and your team will want to start putting 1 box of matches on each pentagram, this will save time later when you have to light the candles on the pentagrams.

There is a pentagram in each building other than church, make sure not to forget the mine in between hotel and sheriff.

Some of the pentagrams have 2 spawn locations depending on if the building has more than 1 floor so make sure to look around the entire place. (There will never be 2 pentagrams inside of 1 building).

You will also need to bring 9 cans of gas to the church doors. (There is 1 can inside of the church, you can bring 10 to be safe but only 9 are needed).


Once you have your 9 or 10 cans of gas near the church and each pentagram has a box of matches you are ready to spawn in Sam by opening up the church. Sam will only spawn if you walk into the church. (This is why its important to get the church key before anyone else does)

When Sam spawns ghosts will spawn too, the number of ghosts that spawn will increase as you burn books.

Sam will be passive until you start burning books, he is the most deadly monster in passive mode. If he sees you from a distance (you don’t even have to be looking at him) for too long he will straight up 1 tap you, if you hear the sound of a revolver that’s your queue to get out of sight because you’re most likely going to die. When he is enraged his bullets will only slow you down so he can run up to you and snap your neck.

Once you’ve brought in all the cans inside of the church near the fire pit it’s time to go hunting for keys to open the locked boxes, inside each of the boxes will contain that buildings book for its respective pentagram.

Be sure to open all the boxes and place all of the books at their pentagrams, you can do this with all the books however for now only 4 of the books will be able to be used on pentagrams.

You can tell which ones need to be used on pentagrams by checking the lantern light outside of the building, once you see a light outside of the building you will see that the pentagram is glowing.

To get a better understanding of what I’m talking about here is a video of me looking at the light outside and cursing a book. (I already used the matches on the banks pentagram and found the bank key before filming).

Pick up the book and bring it back to the church, make sure to drop the books in this corner by the piano so the ghosts can’t pick it up. (They can still pick it up here but it is very unlikely, basically if the ghosts are chasing someone and they go near that corner is the only way they’ll pick it up)

The ghosts will only pick up books that have been cursed and will require UV light to burn the ghost in order to get the book back. You will easily be able to tell what ghost has your book as it will be giving off that same glow that the books do.

Repeat this until you have the first set of 4 books cursed and at the church, burn the 4 books then go get the next 4 but this time ONLY BURN 2. Sam gets EXTREMELY angry at 7/10 books burned so it is best to stop at 6/10.

At this point you should be at 6/10 books burned with 2 of the remaining books still in the church. So we can basically say you have 8 out of the 10 books, go find the last 2 books, curse them and bring them back to the church.

You should now have 4 cursed books inside the church with 6/10 burned, burn the last 4 inside the church and win the game.

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