Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster – Stats Guide

This is a guide describing stats in depth with a few clarifications to common misconceptions. Hopefully this will help people creating their characters and understanding the game making them a step closer to mastering it.

Guide to Stats


Str (Strength)

Physical Damage from Physical skills and normal attacks, Demi-Fiend’s attacks are mostly all physical making it extremely useful.

Vit (Vitality)

Increases your max health. However does not lower the percentage of health required to perform physical skills.

Agi (Agility)

The higher your agility is, the more likely you are to dodge, the less likely you are to miss. This also affects your turn order, your Crit rate, back attacks, retreat, and magic evasion. Increasing his hit chance is useful when using all-targeting or multi-targeting physical skills as it reduces the chance of missing your hits which ultimately would make you lose turns.

Mag (Magic)

Magic increases your max MP and Magic Based Damage.

Luc (Luck)

Luck affects your chance of being back attacked, chance of going first, chance to escape via Retreat (on Normal difficulty only), magic evasion, and a slight effect on magic accuracy. Most of these are also affected by Agility, specifically: back attacks, going first, retreat, and magic evasion.

Luck does not affect: Critical hits, ailments, instant death, nor item drop rates.


Level Up

When you level up you get an increase on your max MP by 3, your max HP by 6 and it also increases your Level Based Attack.

No Defense

There’s no magic defense or physical defense stat in the game, other than using affinity, buffs and debuffs.

Weapon Skills

Weapon skills are a type of physical skills. Only demons with “weapons” can inherit them and weapon skills are based on maxhp stat only. So if a weapon skill does 20% max HP damage, it will deal 100 raw physical damage if the user has 500maxhp. Level itself does not affect weapon skill but gives the appearance because each level up adds 6 max hp.

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