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Guide to Journeyman Class

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What Is the Journeyman Class?

The journeyman class is, as the game calls it, the “secret fourth class”, which shares most of its’ attributes with the beginner class, having both accuracy and damage rely on the luck stat. The class’ abilities and talents are a different story though, as the majority of them focus on increasing rare drop rates, be it for cards, crystal monsters, or even gems, journeyman was basically designed to help with the more grindy aspects of the game. Although as a drawback to this, it’s hands-down the weakest class in the game, with a good example of this being the “Curse of Mr Looty Booty” talent, where it takes away a percentage of total damage for an increase in overall drop rates.

Journeyman Questline

Before You Begin

Before beginning the secret questline, you’re going to need to complete the second quest of the Picnic Stowaway’s daily questline to unlock the peanut recipe, and preferably characters able to gather money, gold, and bleach wood reliably. Along with that, be sure you are using a beginner class character for the whole process, and to not get a class from Promotheus

To Begin

After you’ve gotten the peanut recipe, craft one and drag it out of your inventory onto this bush in the Vegetable Patch

After that, you should be able to speak to this bush, after which, you’ll be sent on a fetch quest to retrieve more peanuts for it, and upon completion of each quest, these peanuts are not kept in the inventory, each of these quests go as follows

Quest Name, Peanut Requirement and Rewards

A Peanut For Your Thoughts (100 Peanuts)

  • 1 Mystery Upgrade Stone.
  • 777 Coins.

Honk if You Love Peanuts (250 Peanuts)

  • 2 Mystery Upgrade Stones.
  • 1500 Coins.

A Peanut Saved is a Peanut Not Eaten (700 Peanuts)

  • 3 Mystery Upgrade Stones.
  • 2500 Coins.
  • 1 Stone Peanut.

For the next half of the quest, you’re going to need to bring the stone peanut you got and drop that next to the rock in Froggy Fields.

After that, more peanut-related quests will arise, which go as follows:

How It’s Made Episode 7. The Super Peanut (1000 Peanuts)

  • Golden Peanut Recipe.
  • 5000 Class XP.

If Life Gives You Peanuts, Make Shiny Peanuts (5 Golden Peanuts)

  • 1 Mystery Upgrade Stone.
  • 5000 Class XP.

After all’s said and done, all that’s left is to become a Journeyman, for which you will be rewarded with the Club Member trophy and a Beginner Best Class star talent, which provides +1 base weapon power for every 10 levels on your Journeyman or highest leveled Journeyman if you have more than one, which caps out at +100 base power per 10 levels after maxing the skill.

To Conclude

To sum this up, you’ll need:

  • 5100 Hot Dogs.
  • 2550 Bleach Logs.
  • 2550 Copper Ore.
  • 250 Gold Bars.
  • 1 Beginner Class Character.

Skills and Talents Available to Journeyman


Journeyman class, like every other class, adds 5 new skills, each of which complement the player’s simpler attributes. Here’s a table showcasing all of the skills available to the Journeyman class, and what they do when maxed to 100.

Happy Dude

  • The Happy Dude skill increases xp gain for all skills up to 100%.


  • The Knucklebuster skill increases critical damage up to 20%.

Feather Flight

  • The Feather Flight skill increases movement speed up to 13.33%.

Extra Bags

  • The Extra Bags skill increases carrying capacity for monster drops and smithing production items by up to 100%, essentially acting as a upgradable material pouch.

Sleepin’ on the Job

  • The Sleepin’ on the Job skill increases offline gains for fighting by up to 14%


The Journeyman’s talents are where it really sets itself up as a grinding class, allowing for increased rare drop chances and other rare occurrences. Here’s a list of all the talents found with the Journeyman class again, when they’re maxed out at 100.

Indiana Attack

  • The Indiana Attack talent is an attack that deals up to 130% damage and can pull up to 6 enemies closer to the player, must be in an attack slot to be able to be used.

Breakin’ the Bank

  • The Breakin’ the Bank talent multiplies the value of all naturally dropped coins by a factor of up to 1.3x its’ original value, must be in an attack slot to be able to be used.

Supernova Player

  • The Supernova Player talent, just like it’s cousin in beginner skills; Star Player, gives the player up to 100 star talent points to be spent on skills in the Specials tab, such as Exp Converter or Roll da Dice.

Two Punch Man

  • The Two Punch Man talent increases damage from punching weapons by up to 60%, and allows for the ability to send a second punch that deals up to 58% extra damage.

Gimme Gimme

  • The Gimme Gimme talent causes drops from monsters to have up to a 50% chance to drop double the loot for up to 8 minutes, must be in an attack slot to be able to be used.

Lucky Hit

  • The Lucky Hit talent increases the luck stat’s influence on damage by up to 40%, or to put it simply, makes the luck stat increase damage more.

F’Luk’Ey Fabrics

  • The F’Luk’Ey Fabrics talent causes all tools, weapons, armor, and any other equipables that add to the luck stat to give up to 28.57% more luck than what’s listed.


  • The Chaching! talent increases the value of dropped coins by up to 25%.

Lucky Horseshoe

  • The Lucky Horseshoe talent adds up to 100 base luck.

Curse of Mr Looty Booty

  • The Curse of Mr Looty Booty talent increases drop rates by up to 35%, but decreases overall damage by 60%

It’s Your Birthday!

The It’s Your Birthday! talent is an attack that drops a variety of drops, and has up to a 23.33% chance to not have a cooldown, these drops range from.

  • Gems dropping 54% of the time.
  • Average EXP Potions dropping 15% of the time.
  • Small Experience Balloons dropping 10% of the time.
  • Medium Experience Balloons dropping 6% of the time.
  • 1 Hour Time Candies dropping 6% of the time.
  • Talent Point Reset Fragments dropping 4% of the time.
  • 2 Hour Time Candies dropping 3% of the time.
  • 4 Hour Time Candies dropping 1.5% of the time.
  • 12 Hour Time Candies dropping 0.5% of the time.

Must be in an attack slot to be able to be used.

C’mon out Crystals

  • The C’mon Out Crystals talent increases the spawn rate of crystal mobs by up to 150%.

Reroll Pls

  • The Reroll Pls talent provides up to a 22.5% to reroll offline rewards, which can trigger multiple times.

Cards Galore

  • The Cards Galore talent increases card drops up to 25%, which also influences offline card drops.

Rares Everywhere!

  • The Rares Everywhere! talent increases the drop rate of everything in rare drop tables by up to 16.67%.
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