Call to Arms – Ultimate Faction Guide

This covers over all the factions of Call to Arms with some comments about how they are played from over 400 hours of gameplay experience.

Complete Faction Guide

Introduction Overview

Now that I have your attention I will explain to you the features, unit advantages, and unique options of all the Factions. Before we dig in deeper here are some quick rundowns of the game’s gameplay features.

Cost varies on unit roles, with close combat units being cheaper than normal and support troops. Other factors include squad size, Unit Hit Points, Sprint Stamina, Upgraded Weapon Variants and unit skills such as Aimed Shot, Medic, Mechanic, or Engineer.


Usually squad lists begin from close contact or low cost reinforcements. The second squad is used as longer distance combat skirmishers as the first complete squad. The Faction’s signature squad as the 3rd squad, usually a combination of a machinegunner, upgraded riflemen, and a medic with additional quirks to that faction. Afterwards the remaining squads are on a skill tier system with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Most squads are 5 man and unless stated otherwise.


All Teams are three man unless stated otherwise. All Sniper teams are two man. Most of the time you can combine two teams to make one squad.

So a breakdown on the Infantry Skill Tier system I am using in this guide.

  • Tier 0: 1 Combat Skill, -50 HP, No Revival Chance
  • Tier 1: 2 Combat Skill, no change in Hit Points. 250 Base Hit Points unless stated otherwise.
  • Tier 2: 3 Combat Skill, +50 Hit Points
  • Tier 3: 4 Combat Skill, +150 Hit Points, Medic
  • Tier 4: 5 Combat Skill, +250 Hit Points, Medic
  • Snipers: 5 Combat Skill, Hit Points are varied, Medic

Vehicle cost includes Hit Points, Armor Protection, and Number of Weapons, number of troops inside, with some other hidden features such as Fuel Consumption and Travel Speed. Some vehicles at the same cost are not equally effective at the same role but perhaps perform better in complementing other units or dealing with specific threats.

Logistic, Transport Trucks, Heavy Artillery, Mortar Teams

They will not be covered because they are all different models with the same matching stats and similar performances. If you see any mortar team or Mechanized SPG you seen it all.

Helicopters are Combined Arms Mode only. But I think you should still know what they do.

Traits Overview

  • Medics can revive fallen troops that are in critical condition but are not killed. Mechanic is a Vehicle Crewman exclusive that can repair but are unable to repair the hull Hit Points of the vehicle.
  • Engineers can build defenses and repair vehicles.
  • Snipers are qualified to use the Aimed Shot ability of some firearms, such as the common sniper rifles, anti-tank rifles, and some marksmen team heavy rifles.

Handheld Firearm Classification Overview

  • SMG: Burst firing firearm that can be able to fire automatic at closer range. Has 80 range.
  • Rifle: Single shot distance and burst or automatic at a closer distance. 100 range. 4x scoped rifles, 120 range.
  • Machinegun: Burst firing when standing and crouching. Automatic fire when prone or braced to cover, as well as being mounted. 120 range.
  • Marksmen Rifles: Heavy rifles that can not be fired on the move. Uses Rifle Skill. 120 range.
  • Sniper Rifles: Hard hitting rifles that do the most damage with Aimed Shot. Uses Rifle Skill. 130 range.
  • Pistol: A fallback weapon when primary weapon is not suited for close combat or is out of ammunition. 80 range.
  • Shotgun: Hard hitting close combat weapon. Uses Rifle Skill. 50 range.
  • RPG: Handheld rocket skill that reduces open ground dispersion when fired when not direct controlled. “AT Soldier” titled troop has higher skill than other tier 1 troops. Range varies from 45-70.

All handheld machineguns are not able to be fired on the move, which includes automatic rifles such as the RPK and M27 no matter how light they are. All machineguns can be mounted on the U.S. MRAP 240 as a replacement machinegun however .308 NATO guns are recommended, unless you did not know that.

With that done we are now going to overview each Faction and their units.

If you enjoy all of the sections of this guide then rate up, or rate down, share it to your friends or laugh at it. I honestly do not care.

USA Introduction


It’s the U.S. armed forces composed by three branches, U.S. Army, USMC, and U.S. Navy Ground Operations (Seal Teams). Their advantage is diverse infantry squads with no real advantage or disadvantage that work the best with combined synergy of vehicles to push the advantage. The M249 machinegun has high suppression value that keeps enemy targets from attacking from cover effectively. Defenses are strong with fully traversable TOW launcher and stationary M2 .50 for protection against vehicles. It’s a faction ideal for new players with no real weakness.

U.S. Infantry Squads and Teams


All U.S. Squads are 5 man.

There are two basic Tier 1 squads being Assault for close combat and Marksmen for distant combat. Properly invested and positioned they can take on higher tier squads at a defensive advantage. M1014 Shotguns are pump action but can do a lot of damage to enemy assaulters. Scoped M4’s have better accuracy and due to balancing reasons slightly more damage than other U.S. rifles for distant combat.

  • Tier 1 Defense Squad begins as the Tier 1 squad, with a machinegunner and medic, with the remaining members upgraded red dot sight M16A4 rifles that have better accuracy.
  • Tier 2 Marine Squads are better as a longer distance combat squad than a close combat squad, with the M27 IAR is not that good as a machinegun but has an accurate burst for longer distances and faster reload compared to the M249. Two members have the upgraded red dot scope M16A4 and M4A1. The Squad Leaders T2 and higher at this point use M4CQBR carbines, in which are shorter and more aggressive 3 round burst at a distance rifles.
  • Tier 3 Ranger Squads are the premium long distant combat squad with the SCAR-H and M240. All of them are medics and are equipped with. If you need a chokepoint held they can handle a squad or two heading their way. The M72 light anti-tank rocket does nearly half the penitration than the AT-4 but it can knock out light armored vehicles and is lighter weight than most handheld Anti-Tank.
  • Tier 4 Navy Seals
  • This 5 man squad is considered the 3rd best squad in the game, with weapons that are effective at both medium range and long range. Fully upgraded M4 rifles with silencers have better accuracy. Weaknesses are covered with 1 SCAR-H for most likely direct control and longer distance and a MP5SD for close combat advantage.


Tank Crewman

Mechanics with MP5’s. Found automatically inside armored vehicles.

Tier 1 AT team has M4’s with two troops of two AT-4 disposable anti-tank rockets. The AT-4 travels fast, to consider being the fastest AT rocket with 60 range. Having two soldiers instead of 1 carrying all the ammo improves the success of survivability, or can spit the team by attaching them both on two separate squads that need anti vehicle protection. Stryker ICV APC’s carry more AT-4’s

Tier 1 M203 teams are valuable as a close combat or anti defense specialist before Mortar teams are available. They come with one Squad leader and two grenadiers. You can split them as well to have one grenadier attach to a squad or reinforce a squad that lost their squad leader, or form a 6 man combined squad with the Fire Team as a recommendation

Tier 1 Support Teams

1 rifleman 1 assault rifleman 1 medic. Ideal in increasing squad size or reinforcing.

Tier 1 Fire Teams are upgraded M16A4 riflemen with a M249 machinegunner. Weapon loadouts meant for more accurate targeting and suppression to be at an advantage over other teams in a defensive situation of both close range and beyond with volumes of accurate fire.

Tier 1 Engineers

They can make the M2HB, TOW ATGM, M120 Heavy Mortar. The Best Static Defense lineup in the game.

Tier 2 Marine Marksmen Team

Using MK14 rifles they offer high damage at long range but can be used against cover at medium or close range by targeting head instead of bodies. The uniqueness of the M14 allows it to be used as a sniper rifle for an Aimed Shot damage bonus. Two marksmen and a squad leader.

Sniper Teams

A high cost sniper team with a scoped M4 and sniper rifle. The M24 is the worst sniper rifle, and it takes you out of the scoped view after each shot in Direct Control. It is best to save up for the M107 Heavy Sniper Team that costs only 50 more points and are able to damage light vehicles while extending their sniping range to 150. The units themselves have only 200 Hit points so they are best supported rather than being solo.

U.S. Army Vehicles


The MRAPs provide absolute small arms protection, only to be damaged by 12.7mm rifles and machineguns as well as HE explosives. Each of them is a 5 man squad with 3 as crew and 2 passengers.

M240B is a well-rounded machinegun for infantry support with its ability of greater damage and longer range, it can be dismounted by a squad member if the vehicle is critical as a combat loss. The

M2HB offers the greatest damage and accuracy in the game for a machinegun, its rate of fire is not a weakness that its accuracy can cover.

The MK19 is an area suppression and anti-fortification weapon, with impressive range that can outrange handheld AT weapons. Its high cost is close to other vehicle classes.

Lac Tow

A Tow Humvee that is effective at killing other vehicles at any range but zoom magnification in Direct Control is lacking.

M1126 Stryker

Each Stryker comes with 3 M134 handheld AT rockets in inventory to make up for its lack of anti-armored vehicle capability. All can capture territory and are crewed by Crewmen.

ICV (Infantry Command Vehicle) is the first true armored vehicle that can resist up to 20mm autocannon fire. An Armored APC with a realistic role as a command vehicle, including the ability to capture territory by itself. The M2HB on it is the only weapon it has. It need to be supported or support other units to be effective. Has smoke screen.


The heavier Stryker with cosmetic ballistic protection cage that costs a lot more than some vehicles, but now is imperious to light autocannon fire as a grenade launcher platform.


This older amphibious wheeled APC for the USMC has a 25mm autocannon that has the best AP for its class. With a commander hatched M240 it can offer accurate recon and the ability to capture points. It is resistant against light autocannon fire.

Heavy Vehicles

M1126 Stryker MGS

This 105mm gun system is a 3 man crew Stryker without passenger space. 105mm has a fast rate of fire and is usually the alternative to guided missile systems against light vehicles. It also has HEAT to exploit weaknesses of Tanks. However it is not very good at defense or other heavy vehicle fire.

M2A3 Bradly

This venerated and controversial APC has a 25mm cannon, M240, and TOW missile system. It likes to fire missiles liberally at any vehicle and its 25mm cannon can stun or damage other armored vehicles to destruction depending on range. An excellent infantry support with frontal armor that can survive other 30mm autocannon fire and decreases ATGM and Tank damage to Critical instead of Destroyed. Depending on how you use it, there is no real weaknesses as the best in class.


The First Modern 3nd Generation MBT of the U.S. Famously used in Operation Desert Storm. With the 120mm L/44 being the best cannon in the game, it’s shortcoming of having an exposed commander M2HB for infantry protection does not seem much compared to the role it was meant to be used. Other factions have similar tanks or weapons that share this tank’s performance.


More armor to the sides and the commander now has an elevated M2HB on a remote mount, but now the loader, has a M240 for additional infantry protection. I don’t know how that would work with a 4 man crew, but just like in Arma 2, it just works.

UH-60 SEAL Squad

This is a special helicopter transport that is neither useful or provides a tactical advantage. Most of the time the unit gets surrounded or the helicopter gets shot down. Much like most T4 helicopter transports this is a common theme.

Heavy UH-60 SEAL Squad

A 4 man crew now with a M134 minigun on each side. The upside is accurate angle of attack fire that can bypass the protection of most low walls.


A 30mm with HE rocket pods attack helicopter that is known for its armor protection and tank killing prowess. Only in Combined Operations mode.

AH-64 Heavy

AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank missiles are added, but the games occurring theme is that ATGM’s are not that effective against Modern Tanks, even from the air. It is the last unit and most expensive.

GRM Introduction


The GRM movement is a fictional Islamic State uprising that features troop organization and skill varying from civilian to professional. This is an uprising that is akin to real world militant organizations. The theme for this faction is low cost and numbers. Troops have the least Hit points in the game and Civilian militias are just redeemable fodder to be martyred by holding out for better units. This faction makes use of outdated and recovered weaponry to overwhelm the enemy. The iconic AKM is one of the most powerful rifles in the game with high damage and up to 8mm of penetration. All Infantry units that are expected to have flashbangs use Molotov Incendiaries instead for a chance to completely destroy a vehicle. The strength of this faction is accepting loss, as greater numbers will take place the longer the game lasts. Quantity is quality, and sometimes maintains supremacy.

GRM Infantry Squads and Teams


All GRM Troops have a Base value of 200 Hit Points. All GRM squads are 6 man unless stated otherwise.

Tier 0 Militia

A unique squad to the GRM is an 8 man squad with two submachinegunners, 5 riflemen and a squad leader to make 8 men. It has a cooldown before it can be called in, meaning that they are not as organized to deploy as much as prepared. The squad leader only has two grenades and one smoke, no medical or pistol backups. Try giving them a medic and the squad can heal themselves. With the volume of fire the squad shoots makes its own suppression effect against enemies. Depending on use, they are a breakthrough or reinforcement unit. They of course are weak individually by having the lowest HP and combat skill in the game.

Tier 1 Conscripts

Not really conscripts but dedicated uniformed troops to the cause. Having medical and grenades this unit has two members with FAL’s. Even though not as damaging as the G3 and later M77B1 for some reason they do perform well as a long range and direct control weapon.

Tier 1 Mercenaries

GRM’s signature Tier 1 squad with 3 upgraded riflemen one medic, RPK machine-gunner and AKS-74U Squad leader. Not so much as mercenaries rather than dedicated fighters of the movement , unless somebody is paying them to stay.

Tier 2 Guards

Not so much as honor guards but these troops are trained security guards meant to protect possible faction leaders and VIP’s, as well as compounds. With upgraded AKM’s and the skill level to match, they have the ability to do the best of their ability, in which is to guard the position. The RPK-74M is one of the most accurate machineguns in the game with its own red dot sight giving an accuracy boost. The Micro Uzi is a nice upgrade to the AKS-74U, the worst rifle in the game.

Tier 3 Pasdaran

They are the revolutionary guards of the GRM movement. With no true alliance to the revolutionary cause, they are loyal to who will benefit to the cause, such as a foreign nation. That is why they have modified weapons and heavy firepower. Not much lore is in it for them, besides being an organization or party as itself? They have G3A4’s and Level 2 AKS-74’s instead of AKM’s, with the PKM and Micro Uzi and RPG-7 squad leader.

Tier 4 Assassins

Paid professionals or volunteers with high skill they have AKS-74U, two AS-VAL scoped rifles, 1 UMP, and a Micro Uzi. All of their weapons burst fire and are meant for accurate close combat. Considering there is one extra man in the squad while costing the cheapest compared to any other Tier 4 Squad they do have the drawback of lacking distant effectiveness or being defeated by other close combat specialists or upper tier squads in the open.


Tier 1 Tank Crewman

Due to the GRM theme they are the cheapest crewman. Equipped with AKS-74U’s a rifle known to be not that good at all.

Tier 1 Engineers

Can make the mounted PKM, crew towed and redeploy-able ZPU, and Sani Heavy Mortar Pit. Cheap statics that don’t quite offer anti armored vehicle effectiveness.

Tier 1 AT Team

Three man with AKS-74’s and one of them has the RPG-7 and all the ammo with it. RPG-7’s have the shortest range of 45 but the most amount of rockets carried. I guess the other two can be used as reinforcements or static weapon crewmen.

Tier 3 Heavy AT Team

Tier 3 team with Tier 2 AKS-74’s but the man with the RPG-29 only has the stock AKS-74 with no accuracy buffs (???). RPG-29 has 55 range and is the 2nd strongest AT weapon in the game.

Tier 2 Shotgunner Team

Tier 2 team with two S-12k automatic shotguns and a Squad Leader. Use them to cover a flank or chokepoint.

Tier 0 Insurgent Team

A low cost 5 man militia, but costs more pop per unit (???). Insurgents are less militarized civilians. The strength to their lack of combat performance is the strength of their weapons over distance. The MK.IV SMLE bolt action rifle has 10 rounds of accurate long range fire and damage. Some lucky snap shot can kill a damaged troop or help suppress at a distance when otherwise other rifles that are less effective over distance. The Squad leader has an AKM, while three members have SMLE rifles, and the last one has a Makarov, to remind you that they need to find better guns when available.

Sniper Team

Because they have 175 Hit Points each, they cost about 20% less than other Sniper Teams with similar weapons. However the Scoped FAL and SVD are exalted weapons. The SVD in a veteran sniper’s hand is one of the fastest sniper rifles in the game.

GRM Vehicles


There are four Technicals. Each technical has 5mm of armor protection. That means they are targetable by small arms fire, and do take greater damage from 7.62 and above. However thanks to that, most of these trucks with guns can be as cheap as infantry squads.


Accurate and high rate of fire machinegun, it can do a lot of damage while being able to suppress targets with its rate of fire.


A heavy machinegun on a truck to better combat other light armored vehicles while being moderately effective but not outstanding against infantry. Has 50 round magazines.


A truck with a twin 14.5mm AA gun. Good against other light vehicles and devastating against infantry but has high dispersion that makes up for its high volume of fire.


The SPG-9 does the least AT damage in the game and fulfill a limited role in anti infantry support. Due to it’s very high callout cooldown I recommend passing over this unit for better anti-tank options of the same or lesser cost. I mean, no truck should face a tank, unless it’s a real ATGM.


A wheeled armored APC with 14.5mm gun and PKT machinegun. It can capture points and transport troops.


A BTR-80 with a 30mm autocannon and PKT. Has the same features as the BTR-80 with a 200 extra cost. Can destroy cover.


This cold war tank was infamous to be the first tank to mainstream APFSDS into armored warfare. Lacking in overall effective armor penetration and accuracy than other tanks, it performs better in Direct Control and as infantry support. Turret has a 115mm cannon and PKT machinegun. Commander has a DShK 12.7 with 100 round capacity but is exposed to use it. Resistant against ATGM fire for some reason when tracks are hit. Survivable against heavy fire but can’t directly match up against Modern MBT’s. Fun Fact, has one of the highest cannon elevations for a tank.

Heavy Vehicles


Cheaper than the BMP-2 for some reason. Two hull PKT’s. 30mm autocannon and 100mm cannon with PKT on turret. Its 100mm ATGM missile performs more like an actual AP shell instead of an ATGM missile by losing penetration over distance. The 100mm ATGM missile also has a high explosive load for some strange reason. It’s in my opinion this vehicle’s ATGM is still not fixed. The destructive power is high with the combination of the 30mm and 100mm HE as a troop transport. This was captured from the UAF. With limited anti tank weaponry this is most ideal as infantry support.


This Warsaw Pact tracked APC is resistant against 30mm autocannon fire. However this APC is unique into sharing another faction called the UAF. Its turret has 4x Konkurs ATGM before a longer rearm period, 30mm autocannon, PKT machinegun, AGS Grenade Launcher. With four different weapons to choose with thermals it costs more than the T-62 Tank. The strange thing about this is that it only uses up to two weapons at a time being only the 30mm and PKT. The weapons it has are potent but they are not being used to their maximum effectiveness. If only the AGS can be used as a longer ranged anti infantry alternative to the PKT, so you don’t have to force direct control to use it. The BMP-3 and T-62 is a better choice or you can save up to a T-80BV. It is captured from the UAF.


This first modern MBT was made and modified from 1987 to defeat traditional HEAT warheads and ATGM missiles. The T-80 with its gas turbine consumes a lot of fuel but has plenty in reserve for the entire battle. With a 125mm cannon, PKT, and a NSVT commander machinegun it also has enough armor to combat other tanks from a distance before their armor penetration bonus is applied at close range. The Unique NSVT on the T-80 series is a high volume of fire 12.7mm machinegun that is devastating at close ranges compared to longer distances. It has the same APFSDS armor penetration as other 125mm cannons such as the T-72B. HEAT rounds are added to this tank and the T80U, and you should shoot at engines with them to cause vehicle cook offs.


This was supposed to be the Abrams Killer. Enough ERA to stop an APSDFS round, and better ammo with a 125mm that can shoot ATGM missiles. The strange thing is they will prioritize in using the ATGM’s before Sabot when targeting other heavy armored vehicles, even though the game makes it behave to have less armor penetration and damage than the APFSDS. Has possibly the fastest turret traverse in the game. This is the best tank the GRM can get.

Mi-17 Assassins

Soviet Helicopter that is the exported version of the Mi-8MT with an Assassin Squad.

Mi-17 Heavy Assassins

Mi-8 with PKM Machinegun on each side. Provides Arial cover fire.


A Hind D but made for Export. Rocket Pods and 12.7 chaingun to be more effective against infantry and light armored vehicles.

Mi-35 Heavy

A Mi-35 with additional ATGMs as its payload for anti-tank.

UAF Introduction


A more modern Middle Eastern army. The UAF shares some retrofitted NATO weapons as well as Warsaw Pact. Just like the GRM their advantage is squad numbers however the cost varies in discount based on squad numbers. All UAF signature and tier squads are 6 man, with the exception of the first and second squad being 4 man and 5 man squads at a cheaper cost. In my opinion this is the best infantry faction in the game, not because of unit composition but weapon effectiveness. The AR70 is not to be underestimated and the AKS-74 covers close contact that other rifles can’t. A mix of modernized and veteran units makes this faction sort of unique in overall performance. With their gear being limited, basic combat infantry units have 25 less base hit points. All Flashbangs are replaced with Molotov

UAF Infantry Squad and Teams


All UAF Troops have a Base value of 225 Hit Points. All Upper Tier squads are 6 man.

Tier 1 Volunteer Squad

I think this is a reserve squad of selected volunteers for low contact objectives that is why the cost is low. This 4 man squad has a Squad leader with a powerful UMP-45, 2 AR70, 1 AKS-74. This basic troop is ideal in combining teams to form 7 man squads, such as the Support and Marksmen Teams.

Tier 1 Combat Squad

A 5 man squad that instead has of 1 Squad Leader, 2 AR70 rifleman and 2 AKS-74 rifleman. A balance in both close range and medium range combat. The base cost of a little under 120 can form 8 man squads in under 220 points.

Tier 1 Support Squad is the UAF’s signature squad that has 3 upgraded AR70 rifleman and one AKS-74 medic with a MAG machine gunner. The first 6 man squad that only costs 205 points, with later upper tier squads with the same layout. This is why I said the AR70 should not be underestimated.

Tier 2 Airborne

This Tier 2 Assault squad has 2 upgraded AR70, 2 upgraded AKS-74, 1 RPK-74m machinegun. The squad leaders now use the ARX-160 as an accurate target hitting carbine. Thanks to their elevated skill and weapons these troops can do almost anything at a great value, kind of what they are trained for.

Tier 3 Saka Operators

So the background of these units are composed of a whole different sovereign culture based on the fabled militias of Northern Iraq, always under conflict. Using retrofitted cold war weapons this unit of harden veterans become the force multiplier that a flank needs. Two upgraded G3A7, Tier 3 AKS-74s, 1 PKM, and Squad Leader with RPG-7. With weapons like this they can stop anything that walks.

Tier 4 Counter Terrorist Officers

This group of elites are formed from local police. It’s strange as their weapons are outdated and nothing like current counter terrorist teams. I think of this group as the team on Counterstrike. The troops have MP5’s, AKS-74U’s, 1 upgraded UMP, and Molotov’s. Just a reminder that AKS-74U is the worst weapon in the game, and 2 members have this, everyone else have close combat SMG’s. There is essentially no damage output over distance given how debuffed SMG’s are. That does not really sound counter terrorist to me rather than a door knocker. I guess no matter how much training and drills they still have to stay in budget, or earn their next weapon from a kill streak (hehehehe). Not recommended for the price.


Tier 1 Tank Crewman

They cost cheap and are slightly better than GRM crewmen, because of the +25 Hitpoints but still AKS-74U.

Tier 1 Engineers

I guess the unique feature of these engineers is that they are the only UAF unit with AKM’s. Now that may not sound that important to you but the GRM’s bread and butter is the use of the AKM rifle. 5 extra points for +25 hitpoints is not a bad deal. They can make the Stationary MAG, ZPU AA Gun, Sani Heavy Mortar Pit.

Tier 1 Support Team

One troop with an AR70 and the medic and other one with an AKS-74. This team is useful in bolstering your existing basic squads or use as reinforcement. Personally I combine the Support Team with the Marksmen team to create a cheap mixed 6 man squad that can be effective as other faction ranged combat squads.

Tier 1 Fire Team

Two upgraded AR70’s and a MAG machinegun. The only thing going against it is that the MAG has slightly less rate of fire than the PKM. AR70’s with red dots are not only really effective, but makes it better to use in Direct Control mode.

Tier 1 AT Team

AKS-74 troops just like the GRM AT team, but this time +25 hitpoints and 10 extra points.

Tier 1 Marksmen Team

The most overpowered unit the game can give you. Combining this squad to a Volunteer or Combat Squad effectively double’s that squad’s combat performance. Two scoped G3A7’s and one AR70 makes even close combat biased units have a chance. You can also save for two teams to create one squad at the combined cost of 165 points. Scoped G3’s are not heavy marksmen rifles so they can be fired on the move. That also means the troops racking up kills have G3’s, so to balance the veterancy swap out with other members of the team.

Tier 2 Demolition Team

This is like the GRM Tier 2 shotgunner team but with UAF Squad leader. The S-12K can stop anyone that breaches. I don’t know why it is called a Demolition Team when it does not have any C4. I guess the single mine from the squad leader counts?

Tier 3 Heavy AT Team

Tier 3 units with the same weapons layout as GRM, and Rebels, so they are like the 2nd cheapest RPG-29 team.

Sniper Team

The GRM Sniper team is not only has a SVD but also a G3A7. With 275 hit points each they have the same states as the Rebel Sniper team but is 10 points cheaper. That heavily implies that they are the best Snipers for the value.

UAF Vehicles



There are three of these armored truck with 5 AR70 riflemen each. 3 crew 2 passengers. Because the gunner is exposed they can be shot out to empty the vehicle. Don’t underestimate this truck though, it can withstand small arms itself at appropriate angels.


An effective suppression weapon. The mounted MAG has greater accuracy than the handheld version.


The high volume of fire of the NSVT is deadly at close distances but also has armor penetration against other light vehicles. Even more deadly accurate in Direct Control mode, unique to this vehicle.


Like the Mk19, an automatic grenade launcher with impressive range but also high cost.


A Turkish APC with a M2HB and moderate gunner protection. It can capture territory and transport troops.


A 25mm cannon version of the ACV-15. Even with the elevation of the 25mm cannon and MAG it still has slow turret traverse, and not ideal for moving targets. Can also capture points.


This Tow launching ACV-15 has a turret with two TOW launchers. Not only tracked it can resist autocannon fire. Also it’s not that expensive too, just that it has a really high callout cooldown.


This Cold War tank from the United States has been in service to anyone considered a militaristic ally. Even though outdated it can still deal some damage to any armored combat vehicle with it’s fast reloading 105mm cannon. With a M240 and M35 (M2HB) in the commander cupola. Not only can it hold ground, it can be very useful in close contact. It can survive most ATGM’s and AT rockets but needs to be supported to handle other modern MBT Tanks. At 950 Points not only a great value, but the enemy needs something much greater in cost to match it. The M68 105mm is already stabilized so there is no need for Direct Control to be accurate.


For my thoughts on this look at the GRM version.


Also the same as the GRM version, in fact they stole it from the UAF.


The same as the GRM version. However there is a better tank for only 150 points extra that the UAF can have.


A retrofitted M1A1 without the SEP package. However it costs 50 points less than the M1A2 SEP and has the same 120mm performance. Is it a bad tank? No because it is the best tank that the UAF has got. Otherwise it should not get bad to the point that you would need it. Even though slightly unmatched against the T80U, and T72B3 and T90A you do get this tank before the enemy, with extra points to spare.

Mi8SMT Counter Terrorist

Just like all transport helicopters it is in Combined Arms only. However due to the Squad choice I don’t recommend it.

Mi8SMT Heavy Counter Terrorist

1 PKM Machinegun on each side for covering fire besides the same loadout as the normal version.


Just like the GRM version

Mi-35 Heavy

Just like the GRM version

Rebels Introduction

Eastern European “Rebels

I call this the Balkans faction. A little mix of Warsaw and NATO with the obvious hint of Local Sourced and improvised weaponry. What I can tell you is this plays mostly like the U.S. but has some exclusive features and other units. They have a mix of Cold War U.S. and Soviet weapons for their signature troops. That includes prototype weapons from the Russian Federation. No matter how you spin on this faction, I just call it the Green Faction. They are nether an enemy or a friend, even the German Campaign story has this playing as Ai Support or Enemy Combatants. It’s a mixed bag of a small government with local leaders becoming warlords. Yep it’s the Balkans alright. The unique feature of this faction is shown in the Combined Arms mode with all Motorized Squads 6 man instead of 5 man squads or less. They use Molotov instead of Flashbang.

Rebel Infantry Squads and Teams


All Rebel Mechanized Squads are 6 man.

Tier 1 Reservists

They are a 4 man squad of 2 M16A2, 1 AKS-74, and a Bison. I will point out that the Bison despite an SMG is really effective in close combat and suppression with its large capacity of 64 rounds. This is supposed to be a low intensity squad. The motorized version in Combined Operations adds two Bekas-12m shotgunners and changes one M16A2 into a AKS-74 rifleman, for a more close combat assault squad.

Tier 1 Rebels

Despite the name this is the normal ranged combat squad. There are two M77B1 rifleman, and if you don’t know then those are basically 7.62 NATO AK rifles that only do 4-3 extra damage than the AKM. However an extra 4 damage can make a difference especially with nearly the same rate of fire as any AK rifle and more damage over distance than the M16. 7.62 NATO however means 20 rounds. The Motorized version adds one AKS-74 rifleman to the squad.

Tier 1 Veterans

Veterans to who you might know. They can be anywhere from Chechnya to Sarajevo? This is the signature squad that has Upgraded M16A4 riflemen 1 medic, 1 M60 Machinegunner, and one Squad Leader. The M60 has a slow rate of fire but it is sustainable and accurate in both damage and suppression at a distance. The Motorized version adds 1 upgraded M16A4 rifleman.

Tier 2 Shock Troopers

I don’t know the full story about these troops, but let’s say it a unit that has gone rouge. In the story they are featured as the supporting government forces in the German NATO Campaign. Not only trained and well equipped, this tier 2 squad is not the best but is a slight discount compared to U.S. Marines. The RPK-74M likewise is an accurate suppression weapon. Squad Leaders at this point Have AN-94’s a Russian prototype rifle that is known to shot two bullets at once, so it seems like 15 shots instead of 30 but impressive. The Motorized version adds 1 Tier 2 AKS-74 rifleman

Tier 3 Contractors

An official occupation for PMC’s. Now the story is that PMC’s are not new, the founders were mercenaries themselves that cashed in local government contracts. Which is to say they made a business fighting proxy wars. So the name Private Military, as in an organized and regulated armed force, that is Contracted with a Power or Person. The whole black beret though, not so much. This Premiere force not only has 2 Tier 3 upgraded AKS-74’s but also upgraded M77B1 rifles. The Motorized version adds 1 Tier 3 AKS-74 rifleman. The Squad Leader has 3 disposable RPG22’s or Soviet made M72’s that do slightly better damage with a range of 45.

Tier 4 Special Ops

Highly trained these troops are great at stealth and highly aggressive. Featuring the M21BS is a Serbian AK carbine in 5.56, its feature is 5 round bursts at any range, based on user experience I guess. They are carbines that you should not underestimate when the distance is closing. The other members are one Tier 4 UMP-45 and Tier 4 AKS-74U. The Motorized and Helicopter version adds One Tier 4 AKS-74U rifleman, not great but it will do.


Tier 1 Tank Crewman

They have AKS-74U’s and cost slightly more than UAF and GRM because of 250 Hitpoints.

Tier 1 Engineer Team

Much like the U.S. Engineer Team they have M16A2’s 250 Hitpoints but cost two points less for -25 sprinting stamina. They can build the Stationary M60, AT-5 Spandrel (Konkurs), Sani Mortar Pit. Not Bad

Tier 1 Support Team

Two AKS-74 troops with one being a medic and 1 M16A2 riflemen. Good in combining with Reservists or Rebels Squads.

Tier 1 Fire Team

Two Upgraded M16A4 rifleman with a M60 machinegun. The M60 has the slowest rate of fire as a machinegun but is really accurate in Direct Control mode. I like to pair this with the Close Quarters Team to form an urban combat squad.

Tier 1 Close Quarters Team

A team with 3 Bison SMG, one being the Squad Leader, and 1 Bekas-12m Shotgunner. Really effective close range and an alternative to the Reservist Squad.

Tier 4 Saboteur Team

This unique Tier 4 Special Ops 2 man team has M21BS and two claymores each. They only cost 110 points. A great value to use as a small supporting force multiplier or flanker.

Tier 3 Heavy AP Team

I think this is a misprint. This is still the same Tier 3 RPG-29 team as the UAF and GRM but this time with 25 hit points more.

Sniper Team

Not only do they have the same unit Hit Points and Stamina as the UAF sniper team, but they cost 10 more points for some reason too. The Scoped M77B1 does not do as much damage as the G3A7 and there is nothing else going for them.

Rebel Vehicles


Armored Technicals. Well they are not really armored but there are now armored plates in the bed to protect the gunner from three directions instead of one. These Technicals are different than GRM.


Mounted for better suppression on the move or in the open. Sustainability is what makes this an effective platform.


Modest and 100 rounds. Better than the KORD.


Now this is a single tubed man portable version of the BM-21 system, but mounted on a technical. What it fires is known to be the 9M22S Incendiary Rocket. This is a control point and fortification clearer. One strike not only sends troops flying from the initial impact, but anyone still around will get burned by fire to a killed state. Thankfully the downside is having the same range but also not the angle of attack as a mortar and takes a really long time to reload. With it being 447 points is not even a bad idea. It’s used more as a counter offensive weapon when you own territories

Konkurs ATGM

A Technical with AT-5 Spandrel.


See the GRM version.


See the GRM bersion.


The T72B is a 1985 version of the T72 with ATGM guidance and Kontact-1 ERA design to defeat HEAT warhead weapons from most NATO tanks. Other military nations have similar tanks like this. Common theme though is that the T72B was just an updated T72A in most cases. This Rebel T72B much like the T72M3 (T72B) from the Russian Forces does not have any Refleks ATGM missiles or a NSVT.


Just under 800 Points this APC that predates the BMP-2 has a 73mm recoiless rifle gun and Malyutka. Not meant to combat enemy tanks, it can however be the top of the APC food chain if it is able. It’s 73mm HE is a great infantry support weapon and it is resistant to 30mm autocannon fire.


This Modified T62 has a 30mm autocannon and twin Konkurs ATGM launcher. It’s armored and can transport troops.


See the GRM version.


See the GRM version.

Mi-17 Special Ops

Helicopter with Tier 4 motorized squad.

Mi-17 Heavy

PKM just like the others.


A Hind E?

Mi-35 Heavy

Now it has actual ATGM’s added.

German Bundeswehr Introduction

German Bundeswehr

This is strange territory for the last two factions. The U.S. is sort of like the Rebels. The GRM is like the UAF in some ways. Now The German and Russian military has some similar performances but troop composition is entirely different and dependent on weapons the troops use. So no matter what it is, the then West German military has finally begun to mobilize with the latest military equipment. The theme for this faction is investing in command. Not only you will get the best general purpose combat units in the game but their high cost and small presence makes it difficult to control the map. Don’t get me wrong though, with strong mechanized options such as the Leopard 2A4 and Marder 1A3 the primary strength of this faction is the individual troop performance of core squads and teams. The G36C, known as the G36A3 is the best combat rifle in the game, G36A or known as G36A2 only to be paired with scoped G3A3, and last but not least the notorious MG3 machinegun. But wait I am not done yet. More will be explained in the German Unit Sections.

German Infantry Squads and Teams


All German squads are 5 man each.

Tier 1 Aufklarer

Recon or close contact squad. With two MP7’s and G36A3’s. Squad Leaders have the upgraded G36A3. Strong in close combat. Also comes with flashbangs.

Tier 1 Schutzen

Normal ranged combat squad that has members with 2 G3A3’s, 1 G36A2, 1 G36A3, Squad leader with upgraded G36A3.

Tier 1 MG-Trupp

This signature squad has two upgraded rifles of the G36A2, 1 medic with a Normal G36A2 rifle but honestly that is a lie. All G36A2’s are already Red Dot upgraded spec with the common 3.16m group at 100m. That might not seem much compared to 3.37 but I’ll let you know on a secret, it scales down to the minimum. As they are, every unit with G36A2’s already have an upgraded rifle, including the Engineer team. Now you know the secret, it only gets slightly better from here. Also the squad has 1 MG3 machinegunner if you did not catch the name.

Tier 2 Panzergrenadiere

Known to be also Mott Schutzen, they are mechanized assault troops that are highly drilled to work with armored vehicles historically from the Wehrmacht era. This close range assault troop is not a close ranged assault troop. Sorry but that’s the truth. Instead it’s an all range, assault troop. There are usually two types of riflemen in the squads of this game, in which I will refer as the combat rifleman and the assault rifleman. Now I introduce to you the G36, the only rifle family in the game that does the same damage for both the burst fire and automatic version of the rifle. What you get is two rifles, but one is slightly better because it’s full 750RPM automatic with not decrease in damage. The G36A3 is just as good as the G36A2. The G36KA4 is ironically a Downgrade to the whole rifle series, but like all carbines or SMG’s shoots 3 round bursts regardless. The MG4 is a more conservative machinegun to the MG3, by weighing less and having a longer rate of fire for better suppression sustainability.

Tier 3 Fallschirmjagers

Airborne troops famous for climbing the Alps for some flower as part of training qualification, quite the romantic story. German elite combat troops at this point tend to be airborne. Usually having equipment either in development or not standard, these troops have the G27 7.62 NATO carbine that is effective at long and close range, however is more accurate than the G3 despite doing less damage. Thank goodness there is one troop with a G36A3 rifle while another has a MG4, The squad leader has a MATADOR-MP, it’s like a harder hitting AT-4.

Tier 4 KSK

When the door is knocking they are the one that knocks. These guys are way better than Seals and can almost compete with Spetsnaz. Meet the final form of the G36, stealth, 3.06m group at 100mm, no decrease in damage, which also includes that one guy with the G27. Fully upgraded MP7 and G36KA4, stealth with 3.40m group at 100m. Ironically these are not paratroopers but the people that rope from helicopters.


Tier 1 Tank Crew

With MP7’s they are not the worst but considering it’s a close combat weapon used in a combat squad and they are meant to be in a vehicle I guess 50 points is not bad.

Tier 1 Engineers

German engineers have the G36A2. They can build stationary MG3, Milan ER ATGM, and Krh 40 Heavy Mortar.

Tier 1 Support Team

Medic and one troop has G36A2 while the other has a G36A3. One of the strongest support teams in the game, I combine them with the Fire Team if possible.

Tier 1 Fire Team

Two G36A2 riflemen and 1 MG3 machinegunner. The strongest Fire Team in the game.

Tier 1 AT Team

2 troops have G36A3’s and 1 G36A2 AT Soldier Panzerfaust 3. Not only the slow moving Panzefaust 3 has the strongest Armor penetration and maximum range of 70 but troops all have G36A3, therefore the strongest AT Team in the game.

Sniper Team

Now this Sniper Team is really effective. 1 G22 .300WM rifle and 1 G3A3. Not only that but with 300HP a troop this is the strongest Sniper Team in the game, but not the best. This is the best sniper team in the Coalition Alliance though. They are most likely to survive normal long ranged sniping attempts when veteran. However because this is sort of a mix between a normal sniper team and heavy sniper team these guys are 425 points, in which in my opinion is not that bad considering the only other sniper team 25 points below is the U.S. and I have some bad news if you read about that unit.

Tier 1 Scout Team

This unique team supposed to have high vision, which is to say high detection. It does not seem to be the case. They are however the fastest troops in the game with the fastest movement speed and stamina regeneration. I guess they are great at recon and point capturing. Their combat performance for the price though is lacking with it being slightly worse than the Support Team. Some other factors may also apply such as camouflage bonus much like the Sniper Team but yet to be observed.

Tier 3 Elite Marksmen Team

The name implies. This is a Tier 3 heavy marksmen team. The G28 rifle though hard hitting are still lacking against Mk14 and G3A3 performances, however the sniper team can use the Aimed Shot ability with those rifles. This is not the Sniper Team though. The only benefit for this squad is its defensive flexibility against enemies that are closing in from the distance and enemy vehicles thanks to the Squad Leader attached as the 3rd man

Tier 2 Elite Engineers

I found no reason to use them. Engineers are not a combat unit to rely on and there are other units that perform better than engineer teams for the cost. This team costs 250 points and is a long calldown unit. What the game says that they can build and repair faster than other engineer squad but I have yet to see that statement be true. The only benefit to this unit is the Tier 2 unit stats of 300Hp, 3 combat skill. I guess what makes them Elite is them having double the mines and C4 as other Engineer Teams. I personally pass over this unit because the cost is not worth losing the match for.

German Vehicles

ATF Dingo

This armored car is just as good as a the MRAP, except it has German weapons on it.


Accurate and high volume of fire.


The best 12.7 in the game.


An automatic grenade launcher.

Wiesel 1A1 TOW

This light tracked and air droppable vehicle was intended for the Soviet Invasion. If that does not excite you then this ATGM carrier can defend itself with a MG3. Both the gunners are exposed though but it can withstand small arms fire. I wish there was a hatch closing option for this vehicle.

GTK Boxer M2HB

This wheeled APC is resistant to 30mm autocannon fire. It can capture points. Strangely it also has 3 AT-4 rockets in its inventory.


This APC is what you get when you want to take the point. Automatic grenade launcher and troop capacity.

SPz Marder 1A3

This Cold War IFV has a high volume 20mm for light vehicles and infantry squad targets. This however has a Milan ER ATGM on a gimbal mount. If ammo runs out there is the MG3. Not as armored as the Boxer it does have a callout cooldown to prevent imminent destruction against the enemy force. It only cost 750 points 14 population and can do what most APC of that cost can’t.

SPz Puma

This 21st Century APC has a 30mm autocannon and SPIKE-LR ATGM. This APC has no callout cooldown for it’s 900 point cost. Good against other vehicles it is not as robust as tanks.

Leopard 2A4

This is what you have been waiting for however this tank is the best in Armored Combat modes and infantry protection. Its weakness is its inability to repel enemy infantry attacks and protecting it’s command gunner. With 600 armor though and a 120mm cannon it can already match up to what the Resistance Alliance can throw. Not actually combat proven in real life, the Leopard 2 was considered the best tank in the world do to military competitions. This tank only costs 15 population. That might not seem much but other tanks of similar performances cost 20 population. That means you have enough room for an extra engineer squad to repair the tank or something or AT Squad to cover it. 15 population is a huge deal in Armored Combat mode, with the ability to call in two Leopard 2A4’s at once.

Leopard 2A5

This is an up-armored Leopard 2A4. The reason I consider this is better survivability of 800mm of armor protection. However in armored protection is when you fail to spot your target. This has the same 1400 penetration performance as other 120mm NATO tanks but now takes 200 more points and 5 more population. Now that might not be the better choice but it is an option. It is still a better value than the M1A2 SEP.


This helicopter transport has a squad of KSK.

NH-90 Heavy

This helicopter now has a M134 minigun on each side.


Also known as the Eurocopter. It has twin wing mounted 12mm gun pods and Hydra rockets for area suppression.

Tiger Heavy

With PARS 3 LR guided missiles. The Heavy variant costs less than other helicopters as a dedicated tank hunter by removing the rocket pods.

Russian Armed Forces Introduction

The theme of the Russians is to try a break away from the past while trying to be modernized into the future. Most of their weapons used predates the reformation of the current Russian government. Squads have different types of AK’s both new and old. In fact enjoy the AK’s as that is all they got. There are some other exotics that the Infantry has, but its main strength of this faction are the tactical options you can do with them. Overall their combat effectiveness is dominate in close combat and suppression with some surprising defensive strength.

Russian Infantry Squads and Teams


All Russian Squads are 5 man each besides exceptions.

Tier 1 Prizyvniki

Close combat assault troops in a 4 man squad. Suspiciously small enough to fully ride on the back of a tank or light vehicle. Don’t underestimate the AK-104M, as whoever has it really lays down the fire with 3 round bursts or automatic fire.

Tier 1 Kontraktniki

This 5 man rifleman squad as two AK-103’s a 3.16m group at 100mm, just as good as an upgraded AKM. The rest have ether an AK-74m or AKS-74. Thanks to their normal combat performance they don’t cost that much.

Tier 1 Veterany

Everyone has red dot AKS-74, besides the medic with a AK-74M, machinegunner with RPK-74M. But the thing is that the Russian RPK-74M model has not been updated, it is supposed to not have a red dot. That also means in Direct Control mode you only see normal sights. Beside that think of this as the Russian signature squad, a close ranged dominate suppressive squad.

Tier 2 VDV

Paratroopers, helicopter riders, even mechanized as long as it is air droppable, all seen in the music video. With red dot AK-105M and AKS-74, even an RPK-16 the only fast reloading machinegun with 96 round magazines. This is the point I explain to you what suppression it. Suppression is what damages troop morale. Moral is a base performance multiplier that decreases troop performance the more it is drained. That includes frequency of attacking from cover, movement, lastly weapon skill. To damage moral in ways incudes high volume of fire or high destructive power that causes losses. The VDV’s strength as a Tier 2 unit is the ability to produce high volume of fire as a squad to be at an advantage in close combat. The squad leaders now have the Vityazs-SN SMG that does slightly more damage than the AK-105M.

Tier 3 Gvardiya

Known as the famous Guards Rifles. These honor guard troops are not just honor but combat proven. From a tradition of the Soviet Red Army any Army recognized as a Guards unit is combat proven by bringing success to the operation no matter how many losses are taken. However Guards don’t lose that tradition by training every day and doing outstanding performances in public. Imagine it as sending entertainers to war, because they perform really well. Squad Members have the AK-15 7.62 rifle with 40 round magazines, a PKP Machinegun that is slightly better than the PKM, the squad leader has an RPG-7 while the last man has an upgraded AK-74M.

Tier 4 Spetsnaz

The world infamous Spetsnaz. The reason why Special Forces programs still exist. If your enemy has something that you don’t have, then you have to get what you enemy has. In this case after WW2 Spetsnaz units were usually under GRU, which was the combat operations unit for the KGB, sort of like how the Navy Seals are now the Boogiemen of the CIA. Now after the Cold War period Spetsnaz units are used as Counter Terrorism, VIP security and other subjects of interest. 2 VSS Vintorez, 1 AK-15, 1 Fully upgraded Vityaz-SN, and lastly the hyped AK-12 rifle that is fully loaded with a 96 round drum magazine. The AK-12 is the only rifle with 96 round capacity, because it is not classified as a machinegun. That might not be an interest to you but that makes it so this Tier 4 Squad has a weapon that is like a machinegun. Another feature is that the VSS troops have the Aimed Shot skill, effectively making them Snipers if they find a Sniper rifle but making them the best marksmen already. Two Flashbangs per troop for the only Russian Infantry Unit with them. Now if that does not make them the best Tier 4 squad in the game then I guess nothing else will. They only cost 505 points.


Tier 1 Tank Crewmen have AKS-74U’s

Tier 1 Engineers

The only Engineer unit with AK-74m. They make the KORD, AT-14 Kornet ATGM , Sani Mortar. It’s the 2nd best defense lineup in the game.

Tier 1 Support Team

2 troops, 1 medic, 2 AK-74m’s and one AKS-74.

Tier 1 Fire Team

2 upgraded AKS-74 rifleman and basic RPK-74M machinegunner

AT Team

AKS-74 riflemen with 1 man RPG-7 launcher and ammo bearer.

Tier 1 Grenadier Team

Just like the U.S. Grenadier team, this has the slightly more damaging GP-25.

Tier 2 Anti-Material Rifle Squad

This ASVK-M 12.7 rifle is the best sniper rifle in the game by having the most damage, however the man using it is not trained with the Aimed Shot skill. This is a Tier 2 Team. The other two members are Squad Leaders with Vityaz-SN’s for some reason. This team can only be used as anti-vehicle or as a heavy marksmen.

Sniper Team

The Russian have the Best Sniper Teams in the game. Now that might not be best as in value or troop stats but the key reason of what make the sniper team the best in the game are the weapon options. The SVD-K was not originally a military rifle, actually it was from the Tiger-9 hunting rifle of SVD Origin. The 9x64mm is not only big but highly damaging. Combined with the aim shot time and magazine capacity of the SVD, now this sniper can wipe out squads at 140m compared to 130m. Does that matter? Not really but if you want to play the defensive option or have the advantage on Combined Operations maps this team can remove enemy advancing squads or overwatch a contact point. Watch the enemy troops get deleted at speeds never seen before. That is why it costs the same as the U.S. Heavy Sniper Team.

Stealth Sniper Team

With the VSS and VKS rifle this sniper team is stealth. Now that might not seem much to you but any unit that has stealth weapons will not be spotted from a proximity. That means this sniper team does not have the risk of being spotted. With the Spotter also having an Aimed Shot rifle not even the enemy will know when to duck. Is it worth the 550 cost? Well I would rather go for the Spetsnaz squad for that.

Russian Vehicles

GAZ Tigr, a truck with no passengers included. The passenger capacity is 4 troops. The gunners are exposed.


This truck only costs 150. That is because it is unarmored with 1mm armor for some reason and takes full penetration damage from small arms fire. That also means that it is the fastest truck in the game. The PKP though is a good support weapon offering an elevated position to attack enemies in cover.


Now with only 5mm of armor, it can still take damage from rifles at close range but only 7.62 rifles at longer ranges. Only 50 round magazines but the cost of 221 is worth the value.


This truck has both a PKP and grenade launcher. Costing less than other automatic grenade launching vehicles. However that means the truck needs 4 troops to be fully effective instead of 3.


This famous Armored Car with 14.5mm and PKT is small and not targetable by small arms fire. However vulnerable against 12.7mm machineguns it can fight back. Even though not an APC, it still has the ability to capture points and resupply infantry. It is not a transport though even if it has 1 passenger seat. It’s effective in urban environments by not being as tall or long as the BTR-80.


If you wonder where all the BTR-82A’s came from then look no further. It’s the same story.

T72M3 (T72B)

No really it’s just an updated T72M series, well not really. The T72M is just a T72B without some features such as gun stabilization, Fire Control and aim assistance, and well most features. Even though it costs the same as the T72B3, the only difference is the lack of a NSVT and Gun Stabilization with better ammunition, and being 15 population instead of 20. The only advantage is it being able to be called out earlier. It moves so fast though.


This high profile BTR with a manned 30mm turret with a gimbal AT-5 launcher. However with such a high profile and not enough gun depression it can get overwhelmed in close combat. It’s survivability for the cost though, forget it. This is only a fast moving APC with anti-tank capabilities.


A traditional BMP-2 with gimbal AT-5 launcher. Even though it lacks the grenade launcher it now has the ability to engage armored vehicles and infantry targets separately without losing track or misfiring the ATGM. I think of it as an improvement as the ATGM itself can be reloaded at a more modest rate after resupply or still be used after the turret is disabled in limited traverse.


You have been waiting for this, literally in the match and now you are able to use it. How does it compare to other Soviet Tanks? A lot better. It has the Firepower of the T-80U with better armor. The NSVT gunner though is exposed. For about 1100 points though that is a great value if you survived long enough to get it. If I can change one thing about it, I will change how the ATGM it uses actually does damage to other tanks. This and the T-90M have some APDSFS repaced with heat rounds.


About 1600 points and 300 minimum armor. You don’t want to see this. You don’t want to deal with it. If you have it though, it means you are not on the enemy team. 1450mm of maximum penetration and 1300mm of frontal facing armor makes it the best tank in the game. You don’t need it though. The dogma of this unit is, how much are you willing to lose? That is 1600 points, gone. Now that does not seem much to you but think of it this way. The maximum number of points you get in a match is 3500. That is already a little more than 1/3 the points you got, if you don’t take any losses. So ironically the strategy to save is a losing strategy (and the reason I don’t use helicopters). That don’t matter though because the U.S. has the M1A2 Tusk with way less armor for the same cost (Hahahahahaha *Wheeze*). If you really want to use this tank, just use it in Armored Warfare, and Direct Action it for the entire match. I won’t care, and perhaps it can be done by anyone that has no sense of strategy.

Mi8MT Spetsnaz

A helicoper with Spetsnaz. Now in my opinion I will actually use this because of the squad inside. What happens is these units tend to be unsupported but Spetsnaz Squads are no like other Tier 4 squads in which are at a disadvantage from a distance so they are able to hold points in the open.

Mi8MT Heavy

PKMs on the Helicopter and that would bee 100 extra points. I will not use this because of the waste of points.


This dedicated attack helicopter with it’s avionics is also suited as a recon helicopter as well. Why it was added is because I guess the Mi28 would be too overpowered? They really did not make that many of these helicopters. 30mm limited traverse autocannon used by the BMP-2 and S80 rockets.

KA-52 Heavy

This is why it is in the game, so your Attack helicopter can launch 12 ATGM’s instead of 8. Only 1000mm of penetration though.

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