PowerWash Simulator – How to Find the Hatch (Clean the Mars Rover Mission)

This guide will show you how to find the hatch on the Special mission called Clean the Mars Rover (Hint: It’s behind the hill in front of the Rover).

Mars Rover – Finding the Hatch

Finding the Hatch

The Clean the Mars Rover is the only mission available under the Specials missions at the launch of the game. It is also the only mission that cannot be redone in free play, it must be done in the Specials section.

The hatch is not part of the rover and not immediately visible upon loading into the level.

To find the hatch, head out into the desert from the front of the rover.

It’s in the ground over a small hill and also features a garden gnome. It’s not very hard to find, but seeing as I had to Google to find it, I figured I’d make a guide.

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  1. THANK YOU, I’ve been stressing out so much trying to find the hatch on the rover! Looks like it wasn’t on the rover in the first place…

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