Company of Heroes 2 – Beginners Tips

Tips for Newbies


  • The first thing to do is play the campagin to learn some basics.
  • You dont need to play the full campagin, just a few missions to have a sight into the game.
  • I remember my first time in this game, i feel what you feel.

TOW and AI Battles

  • Next we have the Theather of war. This is a Gamemode with some missions (Little Harder than the Campaign).
  • This is a good place to learn a little bit of some units and how to use it best.
  • You can play the missions on easy to go safe or go to medium for better expirience.
  • Dont play on hard, some of the missions are very unbalanced in this mode.

AI Battles

  • A good place to learn the maps and the game for the multiplayer.
  • This is the place with the most practice.
  • Play Some 1vs1 matches with Standard AI or play x VS x, all is good to learn.

Multiplayer / Ranked

  • If you go into multiplayer battles you shoud be level 30-50.
  • Do what you have learned and dont listen to bad voices from other players, all of them have the same start.

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