Muck – All Powerups Guide (Attack, Health, Movement and Misc)

List of All Powerups


  • Orange Juice (White) – + Attack speed.
  • Dumbbeli (White) – + Base strenght.
  • Horshoe (Blue )- Increased critical chance.
  • Crimson knife (Blue) – Lifesteal.
  • Bulldozer (Blue) – Chance to knock back enemies.
  • Sniper Scope (Yellow) – Small chance to deal chunky damage.
  • Adrealine (Yellow) – Falling below 30% of max hp will boost damage.
  • Knuts Hammer (Yellow) – Deals extra electric damage ( And his hammer was electric).
  • Wings of glory (Yellow) – Deal bonus damage when falling.
  • Berserk (Yellow) – The lower the health, the higher the damage.


  • Broccoli (White) – Health Regeneration.
  • Red pill (White) – Increase max hp.
  • Blue Pill (White) – increased shield.
  • Danis milk (Blue) – More defense? (Stronger bones).
  • Dracule (Blue) – Permamently increase max hp on kill.


  • Janniks Frog (White) – +1 jump.
  • Sneakers (White) – + Movement speed.
  • Jetpack (White) – Increased Jump Height(To the moon).


  • Peanut butter (White) – +Stamina.
  • Checkered Shirt (Yellow) – Increased damage to resources.
  • Piggybank (Blue) – Better loot in chests (I’m feeling lucky, time to *hog* all the loot).
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