Muck – Finding Billy Guide (Oh You Don’t Know What Karlson Is Hidden Achievement)

You want to get the secret achievement in Muck? Come and have a look!

How to Obtain Secret Achievement


There are some hidden Achievements in Muck. If you take a look at the achievement page and scroll through it, you will find one or two hidden Achievements.

Today we are talking about how to find the hidden achievement “Oh you don’t know what Karlson is?”. This is obviously a reference to the game Karlson that Dani has been working on for some time.

Anyway, let’s get started!

How to Get the Achievement

You can find Billy on any seed. The easiest way to do this is to go to the settings and under “Settings” then under “Graphics” uncheck “Show Grass”.

However, in Muck you also have the option of generating a world after a seed. In the following seed, the spawn of “Billy” is near the player at the beginning.

He is located in the direction of the hut in front of a birch tree. If you use the trick from above, you should find Billy quite easily, otherwise it will be a little more difficult.

The seed i used was: 931098003

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