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Muck - Beginners Guide

Written by FaZe Heart Disease   /   Updated: June 8, 2021    

People who are new to Muck, here is a guide that will give you a good walkthrough to be prepared for anything in the game.

Guide for Newbies

A Good Start

Start off by picking up a rock, breaking down 3 trees, and getting a workbench. Once you have the workbench craft 5 bark and get a wooden axe. Chop down more trees until you have enough to make a pickaxe and then go mine stone and iron. With the stone make a furnace and with the coal you got from the stone put the coal and iron ore into the furnace.

Getting Advanced

With the iron you made make an anvil and craft a steel sword after you get the birch wood. Once you have the sword you'll be able to fight enemies easily throughout the night, and in the morning you can go for Mythril. (not sure if thats how you spell mythril) Get some more iron or if you have enough, use it to make a steel pickaxe and use it to get mythril. Make sure to get 15 or more mythril depending on if you want armor or not. Once you have 15 you can get a mythril sword, pickaxe, and axe. If you think you have time, go for mythril armor, but if not just get 45 steel to get a full set of armor.


By now you should be around day 3 or 5 meaning you should have a bit of coins to spend on chests. Its way better to go for 250 and 100 gold chests than 25 ones.

  • Black = Free chest
  • Bronze = 25 gold
  • Blue = 100 gold
  • Gold = 250 gold

Note: There might be a 50 gold chest but idk i never opened one.

Boss Boi

When fighting Big Chunk you will need to have around 15 red mushrooms if you're pretty solid at the game. If not probably bring a stack of red mushrooms and yellow mushrooms. Whenever big chunk does his jump attack, run underneath him after its over and start slashing him until he does another or your health starts going down. If you're underneath him he cant do any attacks except for his jumping one, which if he does while you're underneath, then run. Keep doing it until he beats itю

Written by FaZe Heart Disease.

Game:   Muck