Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing


  • Keep one smelly/stinky shoe! As you level up your kingdom these become nearly impossible to find and are required for a quest.
  • A good deal of quests cannot be complete until post game. This is by design.
  • Only take tasks that you can complete then and there. Don’t stress these as they will recycle over time.
  • Skills/Spells that have multiple tiers will have an Higgledy requirement before they can be activated. You must have the proper count actively out on the field as they run up for you to absorb them by holding down the skill/spell button.
  • You can charge your range weapon.
  • Dream Doors are mostly side content and are better tackled once you begin upgrading your kingdom.
  • As the game ramps up in difficulty abuse your Higgledies, dodging i-frames, Tactic Tweaker’s Monster Affinity/Elemental & Aliments, and food.
  • At about level 45+, quest boss encounters will be much harder. Prepare before attempting.
  • Cook food to level up your chef.
  • Skirmish doesn’t require much min/maxing, so have fun mixing things up or playing with sword/spear/hammer/range. With that said, most skirmishes involve swordsmen, so spear units tend to be the most useful.
  • The “best” Skirmish skills are buffs/debuffs and late game monster summon.
  • One Skirmish scenario will require you to use build units for a certain fleeing bandit.
  • Yes, Roland is that strong. He’s your physical specialist though (and learns a grand total of one damage spell, which works off his melee stat), so in situations where you want magic he’s weaker.
  • Magic will seem pretty bad compared to techniques until you get to kingdom building. This is because you can upgrade magic; techs are as strong as they’ll ever be.
  • If you’re having trouble with a boss/tainted monster and want to give yourself an edge, you can go into the tactic tweaker and put all your points into its type and element for a boost.
  • If you’re finding the game a bit too easy as of chapter 4 or 5 (it’s very easy for the first couple chapters no matter what), avoid extraneous fights and turn off the tactic tweaker exp boost. Being a little underleveled makes combat a bit more thrilling.
  • Healing magic does exist in the game, but you’re not likely to get it until chapter 7 or so, it costs your entire MP bar, and it’s a full party heal+revive. Evan and Tani learn it. Higgledies will be your main source of consistent healing, with consumables to pick up the slack.
  • Equipment in the menu is ordered by stats, from best to worst. This helps you quickly see whether your characters have the best stuff equipped.
  • Any experience you gain while taking part in skirmishes will be kept, even if you lose the skirmish. You’ll be placed back at the skirmish flag in the world map. This means you can find a skirmish a few levels higher than your armies are, and run through it a few times easily to gain levels. It’s important to keep your levels up because the game requires you to take part in some skirmishes as part of the story.


  • Not all Higgledy Stones are meant to be completed when you first see them.
  • There’s a few Higgledy Stones that try to fool you. The most infamous one asks for what sounds like corn, but is a mid to late game vegetable.
  • Higgledy personality traits determine how often that Higgledy will act in combat. Timid/Shy Higgledies work better with Aggressive/Outgoing types.
  • Try to have some Higgledies in your party with ‘There! There!’
  • Tove the Tenebrous is a fantastic early game Higgledy that will last you for most of the game. His stone is found on the path for the main story quest, namely when you go to rescue a girl.
  • Pick one or two Higgledies to level until the final chapters. Early materials are more useful elsewhere and late materials are plentiful.

Kingdom Management

  • It’s not necessary to let the game idle to unlock research, build up KG, etc. You can safely progress through the story as you continue to work on your kingdom.
  • Evermore Spellworks and Institute of Innovation are two important buildings. Spellworks for dealing with those nasty locked chests and the Institute for general quality of life improvements to city building.
  • You can move the cursor faster by holding R2.
  • As you unlock new Mining Camps, Ranches, Farms etc., place your townspeople in to these new buildings as they have higher tier materials. Neglecting this will have you hurting later.
  • There are citizens for your kingdom everywhere, so every chapter go looking; this game is a side quest addict’s dream. Here’s a tip for free: check back at Auntie Martha’s cottage a chapter or two later, someone will show up there.
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