Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – Side Quest #107 Guide

I had alot of trouble with this side quest so I made this guide to help others with it.

Before You Continue

This is a guide for getting the Citizen Furnest, the Inscrutable Author.

You cannot do this until you have completed chapter seven and have done at 80 errands for swift solutions.

So if you haven’t done so you shouldn’t bother reading this.

Things I’ve looked up have also said that 84 is the amount of errands you need to complete as well.

How to Get the Quest Going

Once you have done the things mentioned above, the taskmaster will randomly give you tasks relating to Furnest. These tasks will be randomly given and it is unlikely that you will get them all at once. But keep trying and you will get them.

What to Expect

As for what to look out for, the errands tend to have a bit of poetry and talks of a “creative author”
You must do at least 3-4 of these quests.

Errands can include fetching cosmic peas, frostyfluff clump, milenial peas, etc.

These items are pretty rare so it is wise to look for them early.

The Cosmic peas can be located in the Calmlands.

The FrostyFluff Clump can be located in Jack Frosts Playground.

What Now?

After you’ve done all the things up there and turn them in, the taskmaster should tell you that the creative author is coming home to Ding Dong Dell by the Cats Cradle. Simply talk to him and he will be your subject.

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